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EliteBook 8440P - OS X El Capitan with Clover


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Greetings.. a new acquisition of an old soldier:

HP EliteBook 8440P

Intel Core i5 540M (Arrandale)

Nvidia NVS 3100M GPU

Attempting to install El Capitan 10.11 via Clover Legacy (tried with default config and nvidia config without success) 

Picture shows where it gets stuck, then results in corrupted verbose

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.. don't want to bury this baby just yet. 



Update: Persistence pays off I suppose, i'd be glad to share my Clover EFI and pertinent kexts for any member of this forum who would find this useful. PM is best.  Thanks 8-)



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I'm glad you managed to install El Capital on 8440p, I have one and I want to try installing a Mac OS on it.

It's my first experience with Mac OS, where I live (Romania) Apple laptops are not that popular.

So, how did you do it? Cand you give me some advice? Tools used/steps? Any hardware not working?

Also, how is the performance? Is better than a 8440p with windows on it? Can it be used as a daily laptop, for browsing, editing, etc?


Thanks a lot!

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Worked nicely for me thank you very much!


Mine is the same 8440p apart from the processor is the i7 


Finally got into the installer.


I used Clover_v2.3k_Special Edition-v2 , Made my El capitan USB tok for ever!


Then I mounted the EFI partition from the USB drive,


And replaced the EFI Directory with the one in your ZIP ,


Dragged and dropped your replacement kexts to System / Library / Extensions,



Waiting for install, will report back when I have a working system!

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