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7450 Bootpack? Install and Post Install Help pls!

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Hi guys,


does someone have a bootpack for installing el capitan or yosemite for a 7450 with i7 5600u, HD5500 and Nvidia 840 ?


and can help me finding the right kext´s ?


i got problems installing, tried some dsdt and ssdt and config.plist files from here, but with less success.


im not that new to hackintosh but i wasnt able to find the right combination of bootfiles for clover to install correctly.



thanks for your help!  :ugeek:




i installed now el capitan with clover,


following kexts are in my 10.11 folder : appleintele1000e / appleps2controller / fakesmc


my Trackpad and keyboard is working fine.


But my Intel 5500 is shown with 7mb. ( i got dedicated memory in bios @ 64mb)


for the intel i need a patched dsdt / ssdt, is that correct?




i installed also now voodoohda with kext utility and sound is working also :)





BIG SORRY for the messed up writing style.

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See my new guide here.

Yours has the discreet nvidia card so additional patch might be required to disable it in DSDT.

Boot to Clover gui, hit F4 and then boot into OS X. Mount the EFI partition and upload the origin folder with all the file from /EFI/Clover/ACPI/

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