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U410 wifi replace


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Hello all. I've finally have my Lenovo u410, running ok with El Capitan os. I want to replace my wifi+Bluetooth combo card. It has a whitelist, so was suggested in other forums, that I should check the parts manual, to check if the was a compatible/supported card.

I found that the AR9285 is not white listed, and was supported, according to this website list of supported/unsupported cards.


I found two different options in this list, but none of them seem to be the exact same, as the card that is in the manuals.

Will ANY AR9285 work? Or will it need different patching for every one?

The one showed is: Liteon AR9285 HB95 BGN.

Any answer will be greatly appreciated, because I really need the wifi. At least the Ethernet is now fully working.


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usually whitelists depend on device id and manufacturer id's. so most likely not just any card would work. the ones that would work would probably be branded id wise as lenovo. you might have to do further research into the matter as even still being branded lenovo it still might not be in your machines specific white list.

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