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how to get display port Yosemite Dell Latitude E6400 Clover?


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I installed Yosemitr Retail with Clover om my Dell Latitude E6400 Nvidia Qaudro NVS 160M Graphics Model and it went perfectly but there's one issue, I can get VGA but not Display Port I don't want to use VGA becuase VGA is supported on my smaller Monitor which is Dell E1913 and I have a Dell U2715H but that only has display port and HDMI obviously Dell Latitude E6400 only has Display port or VGA and in this case VGA isn't an Option I need to use Display Port in the Forum where I learned how to Install Yosemite on Dell Latitude E6400 someone Replied saying "The Displayport works Perfectly but not in the docking station" i don't have a docking station so I need to know how to Use Display Port is there a Kext I need for Nvidia Display Port is it a matter of connecting and pressing a few keys? Please could someone Help me as I really need display port my specs are below


Dell Latitude E6400

nVidia Qaudro NVS 160M

Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 @ 2.53 Ghz


Motherboard is Dell WP507

Atheros AR5895 Wireless Card


14.1 Inch LCD screen


What works


-USB Ports

-Firewire Pott

-eSata USB Port


-Networking (WiFi DOES Work)

-Full Graphics Accelaration QE/CI

-Audio Output

-Mic Input

-DVD RW Drive

-Ethernet Port


Not Working

-Display Port

-Smart Card Reader

-Express Card Slot


Not Tested

-SD Card (No Kext Installed)

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Yes the boot loader comes up on the Monitor and i can see it boot up and all the kexts loading but when it gets to the login screen the monitor doesn't receive any signal it goes to sleep I've tried going into System Preferences and going to display then holding alt and pressing detect displays it doesn't do anything, also when i connect the DP Cable into my Laptop the screen Flashes a Light Blue but doesn't connect to the display just the laptop screen remains on. Is there a display port Option in the Clover Configurator I'm not Aware of? Something i need to type into the Config.Plist file? Thanks for the Quick reply  :mrgreen:

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Could you say me please where got  Yosemit Retail with Clover pack. I really looking for proper soft and can't to get it.


I'm ready to pay some money for full pack for instalation on to my dell latitude e6500, 


Dell Latitude E6500
nVidia Qaudro NVS 160M
Intel Core 2 Duo P9700 @ 2.8 Ghz

15'6 Inch LCD screen


I had spend plenty time for settings and always freezing at Apple sing.



Please help from all on site

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Hey I've Ruled out the issue guys, my motherboard turned off and rebooted giving me an error m1004 and I searched this up and it was pointing towards the Motherboard I had only got this Board from Ebay for a week or two and I emailed the seller and told him I used copper shim thermal paste laptops coolers even the special Heatsink for the nVidia Model! He said you've tried all you can and our technicians have said that the nVidia Chip has Failed So if you want money back then post to us! So turns out just an Error with the Actual nVidia Chip in my Laptop!

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@yekabs you have the Dell Latitude E6500 not E6400 This Install AND bootpack will not work you know what they say Don't ever use another Laptops or PC's bootpack unless you have the same configuration becuase the DSDT.AML and Config.Plist are different to your Laptop, I do belive that the e6400 has a 14.1 inch screen and the e6500 has a 15.4 inch screen so the resolution will not work sorry I will try and find the bootpack for your PC do not worry my friend 😊

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