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E4200, E4300, E4310: why these make unworthy Hackintoshes

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We still get the odd query regarding these models from time to time, so here is a recap of why they make unworthy Hackintoshes.
E4200.jpg E4300.jpg
These were Dell's 1st gen ultraportable 12" and 13" models of the E Series. They're based on Intel Core2Duo CPUs, Intel GS45 Express chipset and Intel GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics.
Whilst OS X can be installed on these laptops, it cannot run with graphics acceleration due to unsupported GPU. The reason for this is that Apple never used the integrated GMA 4500MHD of this Intel chipset in any model of its Mac line-up and therefore never developed drivers for it. As such, there is no graphics acceleration whatsoever for these laptops (and never will be).
Despite many attempts by a lot of people, no graphics acceleration can be obtained through patching of existing GMA 950/X3100 kexts or 1st gen Intel HD kexts. Consequently, without any form of graphics support, these laptops make very poor and unworthy Hackintoshes.
This was Dell's 2nd gen 13" ultraportable E model. It is based on Intel Arrandale 1st gen "i" Core CPUs, Intel QS57 Express chipset and integrated 1st gen Intel HD graphics with an eDP display connector as opposed to an LVDS connector.
The trouble is that, whilst OS X fully supports 1st gen Intel HD graphics, it only supports displays with LVDS connector because that's what Apple used in their Arrandale-based MacBook Pro 6,x models. Only partial graphics acceleration can be obtained with displays using an eDP connector, not full graphics acceleration and this appear further limited to Mountain Lion 10.8.5 and Mavericks only. There is a bible on the matter at InsanelyMac. However, latest updates of Mavericks will probably lead to a full garbled screen.
With partial graphics acceleration only at best, the E4310 makes for a poor performing and unworthy Hackintosh.
Dell manufactured no further E4xxx ultraportable models, instead they concentrated on the E6xxx series which includes the 12"/13" E6220/E6320 (SandyBridge) and E6230/E6330 (IvyBridge), all of which entirely support OS X with full graphics acceleration.

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