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D630 - Terminal will not run, can not build EDP


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I have a Dell D630 with Intel Graphics and Dell Wireless 1395 running OSX 10.6.3. I used the USB install method described on wiki. I ran EDP 1.9.2 without problem and repaired permissions (several times). Terminal app worked without problem.


The keyboard, trackpad kexts don't seem to be working long. I have tried all four options with VoodooPS2Controller working best. I can use the laptop keyboard and trackpad for a while but I eventually have to use USB keyboard and mouse. Repairing permissions does not seem to help.


I tried to do another EDP build using the edptoolcommand. The terminal window opens but it is locked up. I can not enter anything from keyboard. Terminal seems to be the only app locked up. When I open Terminal directly no joy.


Any suggestions to get Terminal back up and running? To clarify it ran fine post install but now


I have not checked ethernet, bluetooth or external VGA but everything else seems ok.


Perhaps I should ask this in a separate post but any suggestions on getting my wireless card up and running? It is seen as Airport Card using AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext. Should I be looking at rebranding or buying a new card? At one time I actually had this card working but I can't remember what I did.





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I solved my locked up Terminal Window problem...I deleted the file "com.apple.Terminal.plist" from the /username/Library/Preferences/ folder and restarted. I now have Terminal back.


I guess no one has any thoughts regarding Dell 1395 wireless issue.


Regards -

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