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Dell E6430 bios revision A18


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Can someone explain why we cannot upgrade the Dell E6430 to the latest A18 BIOS? What is preventing us? I have DSDT and SSDT edits in place and have able to get my E4630 to essentially 95% of a real mac, I still cannot restart without Optimus being disabled. Now at A18, from A12, I get horrible screen corruption. It is similar to when the system is booting up, but this is all the time. It seems to affect windows with inactive content - for instance this text box i'm writing this post in is clear, but everything around it is corrupted. 


Please see attached photo for example:


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Hey Jake, thanks for responding. I was actually able to get it to work with A18 BIOS! I just had to do this kext patch using CloverConfigurator under "Kernel and Kext Patches" section:


Name: IOGraphicsFamily

Find* [HEX]: 0100007517

Replace* [HEX]: 0100007417

Comment: Boot Graphics Glitch - 10.11


I apologize for starting a new thread, but I was getting frustrated... Just happened to stumble on a fix after posting.

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Seemed to have helped me... I also enabled this:


Graphics -> check "Inject ATI" (even though I don't have ATI) and "Inject NVIDIA" (Even though disabled with DSDT)

System Preferences -> check "Inject system ID"


Right now I am running the A18 BIOS, with DSDT/SSDT edits to power off the NVIDIA GPU, and no graphics artifacts as referenced originally.

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