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Dell XPS 13 L322x: El Capitan with Clover

Igor Belchior

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Dell XPS 13 L322x El Capitan Clover Guide 


First of all I'd like to thank Jake Lo and Vlad Ichimescu for sharing their work with me and help me to put this together.



1. A downloaded OS X El Capitan Application from the Mac App Store

2. USB flash drive (8GB minimum)

3. A system running OS X to create the USB Installer


1. Prepare a Bootable USB Drive (8GB minimum)

2. Install OS X El Capitan

3. Post Installation



  • Full QE/CI (HD 4000)
  • Keyboard and mouse (multitouch)
  • Audio
  • Webcam
  • Sleep/Wake/Shutdown/Restart
  • USB 3.0 
  • WiFi  (replaced Intel Card with DW1510)


** Originally-fitted Wi-Fi and Bluetooth may not work in which case you'll need to replace your card. Since I don't use bluetooth at all, I've replace mine with DW1510 **


1: Prepare Bootable USB Drive


To create the installation disk, follow tutorial below steps "1 - Download OS X El Capitan" and "2 - Create a bootable USB"




2: Install OS X El Capitan

1. Turn on the computer with the USB Installer connected

2. Press F2 to configure the BIOS

  • Sata Operaton -> AHCI
  • Secure Boot -> Disabled
  • Boot List Option -> UEFI. 
  • Enable Legacy Option Rom
  • Apply and Exit

3. Hit F12 during boot, choose <Your USB Installer device> under UEFI Boot:

4. When Clover boot screen appears, choose Install OS X El Capitan

5. The system will then boot into the OS X Installer

6. Choose your language and hit -> to continue

7. For a new installation of OS X, you MUST erase and format the destination drive according to the following steps before continuing. 


   a. From the menu bar, click Utilities -> Choose Disk Utility

   b. Highlight your target hard drive for the El Capitan installation in left column.

   c. Click Erase tab

   d. Under SchemeGUID Partition Map

   e. Under Name: type Macintosh SSD (You can rename it later)

   f. Under Format: choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

   g. Click Erase

   h. Click on Partition Tab to add more partition if you prefer

   i. Close Disk Utility


8. Click Continue, Continue, Agree

9. Select Macintosh SSD, or name of your existing drive, where you want to install El Capitan and click Continue

10. Upon completion, system will restart

11. Press the F12 to choose boot device

12. Choose <Your USB Installer device> under UEFI Boot:

13. When Clover boot screen appears, choose Macintosh SSD or the name of your existing drive



3: Post-Installation

Install Clover loader to Macintosh SSD


1. Open Clover package installer

2. Hit Continue, ContinueChange Install Location...

3. Choose “Macintosh SSDâ€

4. Hit Continue, then hit Customize. Select these items:

  • Install for UEFI booting only
  • Install Clover in the ESP
  • Drivers64UEFI\OsxAptioFixDrv-64
  • Install RC scripts on target volume
  • Install Clover Preference Pane

5.  Launch EFI-Mounter v3, select the disk you have OS X installed on (ie. disk0s1) - app attached below

6.  Extract attached CLOVER.zip and copy CLOVER folder to /EFI   **(replace not merge)**

7. Download KextUtility 

8. Extract attached Kexts.zip and drag its content onto KextUtility

9. Restart your computer and boot without cache

  • Restart
  • When you see Clover boot loader icons, press space over your Macintosh SSD
  • Choose "Boot without cache" option

10. Open KextUtility and let it Repair permission and rebuild cache

11. Restart and you're done.



This guide will work versions 10.11.1 through 10.11.6


EFI Mounter v3.app.zip


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