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  1. Dell XPS 13 L322x El Capitan Clover Guide First of all I'd like to thank Jake Lo and Vlad Ichimescu for sharing their work with me and help me to put this together. Requirements: 1. A downloaded OS X El Capitan Application from the Mac App Store 2. USB flash drive (8GB minimum) 3. A system running OS X to create the USB Installer Overview 1. Prepare a Bootable USB Drive (8GB minimum) 2. Install OS X El Capitan 3. Post Installation Working: Full QE/CI (HD 4000) Keyboard and mouse (multitouch) Audio Webcam Sleep/Wake/Shutdown/Restart USB 3.0 WiFi (replaced Intel Card with
  2. Wow, that's a lot of 0's there. I'll take a look later on. I'm good for now. Thank you for all your help.
  3. Alright, you're awesome!! Now I have iMessage, FaceTime (with camera) and audio working. I'm using the EFI folder posted above, with your iMessage fix. I didn't generate the ssdt.aml though and I don't see anything weird. What's that for anyway? Now the only thing pending, which isn't critical, is the docking station. If you have any inputs there just let me know.
  4. Right After uploading it here I tried it. I realized cam works, but there's no sound. Then I had to reapply your iMessage fix and then webcam stops again. Any clue?
  5. Here you go. As I've mentioned before, this is my first successful hackintosh, so I'm performing blind tests and logging for reference. I notice the webcam only works if i replace the whole EFI folder. If I use only DSDT or config.plist, nothing changes. EFI.zip
  6. Ok, maybe you can help me to narrow it down. If I use the EFI folder in my installation disk the webcam works, If I change to your generic+E6430 EFI folder it stops.
  7. Not listed. EDIT: You're probably right about it being something with the USB. I just notice my USB 3.0 port is not working. 2.0 works just fine. EDIT 2: After restarting USB 3.0 came back to life. EDIT 3: So, I tested DSDT attached. It gives me basically all functionality I had in your DSDT, plus docking station partially working. It won't recognize external monitor in any port (DVI, DP or VGA), but I have ethernet connectivity and USB. DSDT_New.aml.zip
  8. Ok. iMessage fixed. I had generated a new smbios but did not run the uuidgen steps Now, here's what happened to my webcam. I installed everything following your guide, during OS X initial configuration the webcam was working, allowing me to take a pic to set as my user account avatar. During the next few hours the webcam was still working, and I could even make a FaceTime call. I closed my computer lid and went to take some rest. When I came back, open the lid and tried another FaceTime call, I got a message saying: no camera available. I didn't change anything from your original topic, as
  9. It doesn't crash. It works properly, but no Webcam, no iMessage nor Docking station. When I tried to patch those errors using alternate DSDT then the system crashes. What I'm looking for is to fix Webcam, iMessage and Docking station using your DSDT if possible.
  10. Yes, I'm using the E6430 bootpack provided in the aforementioned topic and my screen resolution is 1600x900.
  11. Not at the moment. This is my first successful Hackintosh, so I'm not quite sure if I'm doing things right. Every DSDT I tried crashed my installation, forcing me to start fresh. What I have right now is what is described in the topic below, on El Capitan 10.11.1 and BIOS A12: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-el-capitan-clover-guide/&do=findComment&comment=54632 No changes whatsoever. I wish I could tell which DSDT I tried so far, but I cannot find the topic. EDIT: I just got in the office and tested my docking station, also not working.
  12. I successfully installed El Capitan (10.11) on my e6430. Currently these are the issues I have pending and couldn't find a proper solution here in the forum: iMessage doesn't work Webcam Stopped (It worked during initial config and first day post install. Then it suddenly stopped) Anybody could point me in the right direction here? Every fix I tried so far crashed my install.
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