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Intel D630 EDP 2.2 Lion 10.7.2 Cracking sounds

Oris Rake

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Awesome job with newest EDP :D Running my Intel d630 with Lion without any major issues so far! :)


But sadly i got some weird sound problem, sometimes I hear loud metalic cracking sound. :( It's really annoying and ruins listening to music for me. Installed VoodooHDA.pref to mark SSE2 but it did not help. :( Any other ideas? Any additional info You need?




Managed to solve it :| Need to change MIDI Settings from 192k to something lower. Sorry for bothering ya! :) (Topic can be deleted or moved :))



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made a myhack usb from retail app loaded my bootpack installed chameleon onto the usb stick booted to usb fn12 or set it to boot from usb in bios first. installed. once finished booted off the usb selected my new lion ran through the setup... shut off bluetooth first. connected a usb keyboard finished install ran edp pkg installed to lion went to extra and ran edptool.command built for my machine then installed chameleon to the lion partition. should be that simple...

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