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trouble boot from external


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hey guys i wanted to know if you cold help me....


first ill tell you my problem... i am still running my D630 on SL 10.6.7.

using superDuper i have created a complete image of my harddrive onto an external

what i was going to attempt was boot off the external HD and try to run all updates for SL


when i try to boot off external HD (using Chameleon 2.1 r1684) the pc freezes....i don't even see the apple boot screen chameleon locks instantly.

is there a way to be able to boot from an external HD...


if there is i also wanted to see if i could boot lion from it as well when i am finished tinkering around with SL. do i NEED to do a fresh install to do this or is there a way to update from SL??


thanks guys for all your help and all that you do!!

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Ok so the update went great....but...I ran 1.9.2 and now I'm getting panics! I still have my backup hard drive that I can now boot with....if I use command boot single user

It boots fine....I did a new build with 1.9.2 ....what was changed so I can put old stuff back

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