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Patched AppleRTC

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Last edited: 15 May 2018


For those who would still encounter issues with CMOS writes and subsequent BIOS resets or long BIOS POST at reboot, the attached pre-patched AppleRTC kexts should cure things.


As indicated at InsanelyMac and other places, the patch consists of the following binary modification of the kext binary file:

Find: 75 2E 0F B6
Replace by: EB 2E 0F B6

From Mavericks 10.9 to High Sierra 10.13, AppleRTC shows a version v2.0. The patched kext can be used "as is" and, because version is up'ed to 92.0, will take precedence over the vanilla kext once placed in /S/L/E, in /L/E or injected through the bootloader from /E/E/ or EFI/Clover/kext/10.x or Other folders.


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