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macOS Sierra Installation on E5450


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Hello everyone,


I am not quite sure if this thing is related to Sierra or not, as this is my frist time trying to install the osx on my computer, but I cannot even boot into the installation system.


I have followed this guide while creating the bootable USB: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-el-capitan-clover-guide/&do=findComment&comment=54621


However, when I select to boot from USB drive, I face an error saying that "The selected boot device failed". When I try to boot the same USB drive within the VMWare, it boots correctly into the installation.


So, what might I have been missing here that booting from the USB works in VMWare but not in the real system?


BTW, my BIOS is A13 and I have AHCI selected for SATA operations with the UEFI boot (non-secure) enabled and the system is Broadwell.


Thank you so much in advance.

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Did you follow the steps to install Clover loader?


21. Download Clover ( at time of writing v3320)

22. Open Clover package installer

23. Hit Continue, ContinueChange Install Location...

25. Choose “Install OS X El Capitan”

26. Hit Continue, then hit Customize. Select these items:

  • Install for UEFI booting only
  • Install Clover in the ESP
  • Drivers64UEFI\OsxAptioFixDrv-64

27. Click Install

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Yeah indeed I followed those steps as well. On step 29 it says replace the root of the EFI partition with the bootpack, so I downloaded the bootpack for my system. Then I made two different trials as I wasn't sure if I am doing correct so here are those:


1st trial:

Deleted "BOOT" and "CLOVER" folders and extracted the bootback contents "ACPI" and "kexts" instead of those.

The results in my system was: "The selected boot device failed"

The results in VMWware was: Directly booted into the installation


2nd trial:

Not deleted "BOOT" and "CLOVER". Went into the "CLOVER" folder, deleted "ACPI" and "kexts" and extracted the ones from the bootpack.

The result in my system was: "Clover bootloader loaded however the 'Install macOS Sierra' part didn't show up so it was an empty Clover bootloader"

The result in VMWare was: "Cloder bootloaded loaded and there was an option selected by default for "Install macOS Sierra"

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Do this, reinstall the latest Clover loader, should be v3922. Don't delete anything.

From the generic EFI folder, copy /EFI/Clover/drivers64UEFI/HFSPlus-64.efi to the EFI partition /EFI/Clover/drivers64UEFI

From the generic EFI folder, copy /EFI/Clover/Themes/Latitude to the EFI partition /EFI/Clover/themes


Then from the bootpack, copy Config.plist, ACPI, and Kexts to /EFI/Clover/ overwrite/replace everything. Not merge

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Wow that's it, very dumb of me, didn't even see that there is a generic efi folder in that guide. Thank you for that clear post.


Now it panics and says something like "potential fifo overflow in gfx". I think it cannot boot because I have 192MB DVMT, so I should lower it. Thank you so much, if I face any further issue after lowering the DVMT value, I will be updating here.

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Now here is something more interesting.


In Windows display settings when I checked my DVM size it was 192MB. Later on I followed these steps:


1) zip.gif  Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0.exe.zip   595.65KB   10 downloads - to backup the BIOS (DellInc.-A10.rom)

    At time of writing - BIOS version E7450A10

2UEFITool.exe to find the module labeled SetupPrep and extract the PE32 image section (setup.bin)

3) Universal IFR Extractor.exe to extract setup.bin to a readable text file

4) Use notepad to search for “DVMT†in the text file, 2 were found at 0x15b and 0x15c


It was all fine till here, the offsets were exacly 15b and 15c. Then I booted up with the EFI shell and updated the values to 0x3 which should be corresponding to 96MB right? Then I got back into the Windows, checked my DVM size and it was increased to 224MB!!!


I tried booting the macOS installer, it panics as soon as it starts. Something related to trap_native.c and kernel extensions in backtrace:



I changed values back to 0x1 and the installer boots up further than with the values of 0x3 yet panics with an error "potential fifo overflow in gfx".


Am I again missing something here?

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I have applied this:

  • for IOGraphicsFamily patch (to avoid boot screen glitches), the binary mod should be to replace 0100007525 by 010000EB25 (the replacement you have is for older OS X versions such as Yosemite)

And set my 0x15b & 0x15c to 0x3 => trap_native.c panic

0x15b & 0x15c reverted to 0x1 => potential fifo overflow


Is there something different with my system compared to other E5450 latitudes? Why cannot I set my DVM to something lower then 192MBs? Is there a way to pass this problem without lowering it?

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