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6230 Sierra install stuck on Language chooser


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i followed guide from Herve to install Sierra on 6230.

Everything goes fine until i have to choose installation language.

When i choose language and click on forward arrow, i can see on menu bar only Language Chooser. No other choises.

Is there any workaround for this?






bootflag cpus=1 helped

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Disk utility and other options in menu bar while installing is still not visible, but I can manage this with my old El Capitan USB installer.


Anyway, I can finally manage and get work Sierra, but...

I can boot to Sierra only with flag -f

When I try to boot without it, it hangs on this:



this is output with verbose flag:



any suggestion?




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Download a fresh copy of Sierra installation app and start all over with USB installer creation.


If you boot with -f flag, kexts placed in /L/E will be ignored. You therefore need to load add-on kexts from /E/E with boot option KernelBooter_kexts=Yes. It's mentioned in the guide.

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