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DELL E5570 macOS Sierra


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See my E7x70 guide, follow the prerequisite as well but the value might be different so use the same value listed but follow the steps to acquire it. Post the extracted ROM file here if you need help.

For the bootpack, you may use the same one on the guide but leave out the DSDT and SSDT in /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched. 

When you get the installer created and booted to the Clover GUI, hit F4 and then continue with the installation.

Compress and attach  /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin folder here if you want patching assistance.

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ok, it's the same value as my E7470

so build the EFI shell boot disk from my guide under prerequisites


boot with the boot disk and enter this command at the prompt, hit enter and reboot

setup_var 0x432 0x3


You can now start your OS X installation without KP

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What wireless card does it have? 

If it's an Intel, it's not supported and will need to be replace. I recommend a DW1560 which is what I have. 

You can call Dell to order with this part code: 6xRYC


Sound...what is the card it has?

Run this and post a screenshot of the Status here 

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Intel® Ethernet Connection I219-LM should work if you're using the files from my E7x70 bootpack other than DSDT/SSDT.

To capture screen, hold Alt+Shft+4, then spacebar and then left mouse button.


From your DxDiag file, it shows having ALC293 which is the same as the E7x70.

If you go through the post installation by copying the kext from /EFI/Clover/Kexts/Other/LE to /Library/Extensions and then running from terminal:

      sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E*

      sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E*
      sudo touch -f /L*/E*
      sudo chmod -Rf 755 /S*/L*/E*
      sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /S*/L*/E*
      sudo touch -f /S*/L*/E*
      sudo kextcache -Boot -U /
Reboot and you should have audio.
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