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Dell XPS 13 L322x macos sierra


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Those specs are compatible with Sierra, except the WLAN card of course which will have to be replaced with a compatible model. See here for a non-exhaustive list.


You can install Sierra using existing guides for Dell Ivy Bridge laptops such as Latitude E5x30, E6x30 or the Latitude 6430U (this latter being probably closer in terms of specs). Try and extract your ACPI BIOS tables (DSDT, SSDTs) so that they can be patched. Begin installation with a minimal set of kexts such as FakeSMC (mandatory), NullCPUPowerManagement (until you activate AICPUPM patch + generate your CPU-specific SSDT for CPU PM) and PS2 controllers.


There isn't much in terms of hardware accessories on this model so installation should be fairly hassle-free. The only thing you'll have to do in terms of post-installation tuning will be sorting out the audio. If Webcam is USB-internal, it'll either work OOB or not at all. If it's PCIe, pray for an O2 Micro model as that may work with a DSDT patch.

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