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Full packs for M4400 Penryn C2D/C2Q/C2X & nVidia Quadro FX 770M/1700M - Mavericks / Yosemite / High Sierra


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Last update: 5 Aug 2018
Following tuning work on forum member's systems, here are full packs for Mavericks and High Sierra that supports full CPU SpeedStep and full GPU power management under MacBookPro5,4 and MacBookPro7,1 SMBIOS. Work platforms was fitted with P8700 CPU @2.53GHz and and QX9300 CPUs @2.53GHz, both FSB 1066MHz.


FakeSMC was tuned to appropriate MacBookPro SMC keys and AGPM for nVidia Quadro FX 770M (10de:065c) or FX 1700M (10de:065a). CPU SpeedStep was observed from LFM 800MHz to HFM 2.53GHz. GPU throttling was observed at the following 4 x Core/Memory frequencies: 168/100, 235/300, 400/300, 625/799MHz. CPU and GPU T° were nicely contained around 50°C as a result.


M4400 nVidia Quadro FX 770M/1700M (all res)


NB: Mavericks pack was validated on a myHack v3.3.1 installation.


Later version of OS X will require usual manual installations.

Pack for Yosemite should be the same as Mavericks but I prefer to wait until this is confirmed in the field before uploading one.

El Capitan and later should require the usual adjustments for USB ports (DSDT EHCx renaming, USB injector).

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  • Revised Mavericks pack with updated DSDT and updated FakeSMC with AGPM tuned for FX770M ids 10de:065a + 10de:065c.
  • Added new pack for High Sierra (MacBookPro7,1 SMBIOS).



  • full CPU SpeedStep (with Generates P States + C States)
  • full graphics acceleration with nVidia Quadro FX770M OOB
  • full GPU throttling (with FakeSMC + AGPM tuning)
  • IDT 92HD71B7 audio (with VoodooHDA or patched AppleHDA)
  • Intel 82567LM Gigabit Ethernet (with Intel82566M)
  • Ricoh R5C822/R5C843 SD card reader (with patched VoodooSDHC)
  • Ricoh RC5832 IEEE 1394 controller OOB
  • Battery monitoring (with Rehabman's ACPIBatteryManager)
  • USB ports (with DSDT devices renaming + USB injector when necessary)
  • Sleep & wake (with hibernation disabled)
  • Wireless (with any compatible card)


Not working:

  • Brightness control












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