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[SOLVED] Sierra on E5420 - Graphic glitches while booting Sierra from USB


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I make an USB to install Sierra on E5420 following the guide

While booting (Legacy mode), my graphic glitches suddenly and stop booting. I used the boot patch download from the guide above


This is first time I try to install MacOS, so please help me.


My E5420: Bios A14, Intel Core i5-2410M 2.3GHz , 4Gram, HD3000 1366x768, HDD - GPT (not MBR).

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Disable the BootGlitch patch, 10.11.x patch causes KP on Sierra.

Or you can update it to 10.12.x patch, use Clover Configuration v4.39.1

Find Boot Graphics Glitch and change it to this

Under Find, change 0100007517 to 0100007525

Under Replace, change 0100007525 to 010000EB25


While you're updating the Config file, update the 10.11 - AppleHDA Patch to 10.12.x

Under Find, change 8319D411 to 8A19D411

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When I do to this step:


10. Upon completion, system will restart

11. Press the F12 to choose boot device

12. Choose <Your USB Installer device> under UEFI Boot:

13. When Clover boot screen appears, choose Macintosh SSD or name of your existing drive


I didn't see Machintosh SSD appear on Clover boot screen. is there smt wrong?

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