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X201 sleep issues & Wifi wont turn on DW1510


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So i bought a x201 on the cheap and followed the install guide to get 10.9 running after flashing the bios whitelist fix in windows, any who, i bought a dell1510 bcm94322hm8l card and installed it.  the os detects it as 3rd party but with airdrop support and all that, but it will not turn on.  I have tried a couple of things to get it going, 1 was deleting the pref plist, because my card is showing as en1 not en0, en0 is my ethernet.  that didnt work.  i tried the command "sudo networksetup -setairportpower en1 on" that did nothing.  i tried removing wifi from network list and "make service inactive" rebooting and enabling it again.  im using the dsdt from page 3 of the guide to install mav on the x201 from this forum, maybe its for a ar card  sometimes when i reboot my keyboard and mouse pad stops working and i have to reinstall the extra from my hack reboot and it works again. odd.  the sleep issue is if i close my laptop , the screen comes back just where i was but nothing works and its frozen in place and i have to force the power off.  im not too concerned with sleep as i shut my laptop down when its not in use but still a small aggravation.  also prtsc button doesnt take screen shots.  enough of my word salad ill see you folks later.

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bcm94322hm8l is a rev2 card flashed to AirPort Extreme  (0x14E4, 0x93) still wont turn on

Pasted system info

  Software Versions:
  CoreWLAN:    4.3.3 (433.48)
  CoreWLANKit:    3.3.2 (332.36)
  Menu Extra:    9.3.2 (932.35)
  System Information:    9.0 (900.8)
  IO80211 Family:    6.4 (640.36)
  Diagnostics:    3.0 (300.40)
  AirPort Utility:    6.3.2 (632.3)
  Card Type:    AirPort Extreme  (0x14E4, 0x93)
  Firmware Version:    Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (
  MAC Address:    c4:17:fe:00:6f:5b
  Locale:    FCC
  Country Code:    US
  Supported PHY Modes:    802.11 a/b/g/n
  Supported Channels:    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 132, 136, 140, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165
  Wake On Wireless:    Supported
  AirDrop:    Supported
  Status:    Off

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