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Dell Latitude E6220 Ports Problem


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Hi everyone, first of all I wanna thank Hervé for his fantastic guide on how to hackintosh our Latitude E6220.

I want to start saying that I'm running Sierra, but I haven't followed the guide entirely, because, after the installation completed and I booted into the main HDD, I installed Clover instead of Enoch.

I did this because I basically hate those legacy bootloaders, as they gave me lots of problems when I hackintoshed my other laptop, an Acer Aspire 5750G, so I don't want to use them if it's not mandatory.

Also, I don't want to tamper with S/L/E if I can.

Right now almost everything is working, but I have a little strange problem.

When I first boot up the laptop, the eSata port does not work, and the SD card reader, even though is recognized, doesn't show any card in it.

However, if I put the computer to sleep, then I wake it up, both start working without a hitch, I can hotplug the eSata port and the reader mounts without any problem.


Is there a way to fix this under Clover?


My lappy:

Dell Latitude E6220

i5-2520M, HD3000

8GB 1333MHz RAM

macOS 10.12.5 Sierra

Clover r4077, using Hervé's DSDT and generated SSDT

Boot args:


I attach my config.plist, I think it could be useful.


Thanks in advance


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Well, it didn't work.
At first it seemed to function correctly, but after a reboot it was like before.
I also tried to copy your whole package, and I also reinstalled Clover (I used the BitBlocksIO SATA driver before, I thought switching to the basic SATA would've helped), but nothing worked.
As a plus, now the laptop wakes up on its own the first time I put it to sleep, but the subsequent sleeps work fine and the it stays asleep.
Could the fact that I edited my FakeSMC to enable my WWAN card contribute to the problem? (I don't think so, since it doesn't work even with the FakeSMC from your package)

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