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E7470 - Kernel Panic on boot from USB pre-install


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Omg so frustrated. I'm using this guide by Jake Lo (which points to this guide, also by Jake)


I've set my DVMT to 0x03 using the EFI shell method, and verified that it's correct.


I had to manually specify the boot entry in my BIOS because the USB drive wasn't showing up, but Clover loads fine. When I select to install Mac OS I get a kernel panic:



Machine specs:

BIOS 1.16.4

16 GB RAM (2 x 8GB)

Core i7-6600U


DW1830 WiFi card


Set to AHCI / UEFI / Secure Boot = off


What am I doing wrong here...? Please and thank you, I'm really excited to get this working.



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(Jake, thank you a million times over for building these guides and being actively helpful on the forums. I really appreciate it.)


OK, so I 

  1. Reset BIOS to default settings / verified AHCI / Secure Boot disabled
  2. Reset DVMT to 0x3 using the EFI Shell thumb drive
  3. Rebuilt my USB stick from scratch using the same guides with
    1. MacOS Sierra (freshly downloaded)
    2. Clover 4152
  4. So far the install is working. :) (Edited to change this last bit, I forgot to replace the EFI root folder with the one you posted along with the boot packs. My bad!)
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