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  1. Sounds Issue 7040 SFF Realtek ALC255 (0x0255): From the past few weeks I am unable to fix the sound issues. Clover, Lilu and ALC etc are up to date. Looking at the Hackigtnool (HT) ALC Layout ID stuck at 1. I have changed in clover many times under the Device Properties, but Hackingtool still shows 1. Can someone please suggest a troubleshoot as I am out of ideas now? The issue remains Whether I boot Mojave or Catalina (10.5.4) Things I have tried below: 1. Made a new audio patches using HT with different layout options (acceptable) 2. Boot with Kext Inject and without (detect) as well I have attached my config (SMBIOS info scrubbed) and screen shot of HT config 2.plist.zip Edit: Injecting alcid=13 as a boot argument has solved the issue.
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