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  1. let me know what is TPM? I can know other things
  2. Thanks Jake I updated the BIOS version to A22. But unfortunately, I am still getting failed screen. Any other option? Regards
  3. Sure I connected through DP and I am going to update the BIOS. Then could you let me know how to update the BIOS? I am using Sierra for now. Thanks
  4. Thanks Jake I tried with your clover. But I got the failed screen. I attached my efi folder and failed screenshot. My system: Optiplex 9202, i5-4570, 12 Gb of 1600 MHz RAM, 500Gb SATA, Intel HD 4600 1536 MB, BIOS A05 El Capitan and Sierra were worked in my PC but not High Sierra What is wrong in my side? Regards EFI.zip
  5. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=11138 I added the correct apple HDA and it worked in Sierra and El Capitan. But it doesn't work in High Sierra.
  6. AppleHDA_ALC280 is not working for macOS High Sierra on 9020. Anyone help me?
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