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  1. Knock on wood here as I have an Asus PCE AC68 working solid OOB. As for you guys, it looks there were some changes under the hood affecting Wifi/BT in the last 10.14.6.
  2. @ggrpittWhat changed in your Clover config to loose completely your displays?
  3. @ggrpitt: first one is probably related to GPU. dGPU or iGPU in your case? The second is for indexing I think. Sorry, can't help more...
  4. Updated to 10.14.4 and Clover 4910, all is well...
  5. @HaggisMaster Verify your system logs, you probably have a kernel panic happening. It could be one of the kexts, mainly FakeSMC. All the kext the latest ones? Personally, I use the Rehabman FakeSMC. Powernap disabled?
  6. Gordo74, what's your SMBIOS? iMac 14,1? Do you inject a framebuffer?
  7. Attached my injector but keep in mind that you'll have to edit the info.plist if you use another SMBIOS (in my case, it is iMac 14,1). USB_Series8_Injector.kext.zip @Jake Lo: there are three ports missing in your injector... SSP2, 5 and 6.
  8. With the injector in the Jake Lo bootpack : https://osxlatitude.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20143 or with FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIIDXHCIMux.kext (or like me, with the two combined, the injector and the Mux kext). No problems here. In my case, I've modified my own injector with all the ports as the 9020 has a total of 14 ports, below the 15 limit.
  9. Updated last week to 10.14.2: clean install then data migration. Added an ASUS PCE AC68 PCIe wifi adapter working oob in MacOS.  Running smooth and all my audio apps are working fine. ITunes DRM playing without a hitch but experienced a couple of graphic glitches (artifacts) with my GT710 Kepler...
  10. Sorry to derail a bit: is the boot time comparable to Sierra with an SSD APFS install? Thanks, Patrice
  11. Doh! Rookie mistake: I've simply replaced the files inside the EFI folder... but didn't updated Clover to the latest version!!! With latest Clover, all is fine with the iGPU and the GT710...
  12. DP used, tried most recent Lilu, ALC and Whatevergreen, removed completely the GT710. Also, tried different SMBIOS (14,1 - 14,2 - 14,4 and your 15,1). Always going to a black screen, display on... As for the GT710, the result is exactly the same with correct Config.plist (NVidia and NVidia web checked). Kepler is supposed to be native in Mojave. Something else going on as I get exactly the same result with IGPU or GFX... Even tried other combinations of EFI folders and files, different Drivers UEFI: boot process is fine until final display is supposed to kick in...
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