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  1. still doesn't work opencore-2020-09-09-105759.txt.zip
  2. Okay, thanks! I did that now but it still won’t start the setup screen
  3. Hey. I now followed an OpenCore guide but it still gives me an error message: What can I do? I also upload my OPENCORE folder... OPENCORE_UPLOAD.zip
  4. Hey, which bootpack do I need to use, since there is no extra guide for that specific model, correct? It has the following specs: intel core i7-10610U 16GB RAM 1TB SSD Intel AX201 wireless card
  5. hey, I just ordered a Dell Latitude 7410 because I like the hardware way more than my MacBook Pro 13. I still want to use macOS though. I used an E7450 with macOS on it for many years without any issues whatsoever. anybody got any tips on how I can install macOS on the 7410 ? Thanksssss
  6. I tried 2 different clover configurator versions... see screenshots
  7. Hey, I have macOS 10.14.3 installed on my E7450 and it works perfect. However, I'm not able to install Xcode since I need to be on 10.14.4 or later. If I try to update trough the settings the computer does show the installing update screen, then boots and its still at 10.14.3. Downloaded the combo update from Apple, same thing. Always restarts and shows 10.14.3 again. Do I have clover updated? Well, it doesn't update. If I click on update under tools in Clover Configurator it doesn't seem to find anything online.. Thx for help in advance
  8. Hey, I got macOS 10.14.3 installed but the update fails and all it shows is this, Can someone help with that?
  9. Hey, I successfully installed macOS Mojave on my Dell E7450. I had Bluetooth and WiFi (incl AirDrop, only Instand Hotspot didn't work) working perfectly with High Sierra. Now, I have only WiFi working. I used the EFI/CLOVER files form the Guide here in the forum. Did I not see anything?
  10. Hey guys, I have a Dell Latitude E7450 running on Sierra 10.12.5. First off, I have a question performance wise: I using macOS on it for over a year now and I'm very very happy with the permanence. I can edit video, everything. But lately its feeling kind off slow on some basic tasks like webbrowsing - it is not as snappy as it was. Is that a normal think because the hardware gets older or is it software related? The machine runs on a i7-5600U and 12GB of RAM. The next question is related to docking: Is it possible to use the Computer with the WiGig Docking Station from Dell? The WLD15 for example? Or if not: I have a standard port replicator station at home but monitor (DVI, DISPLAYPORT) does not work. Is there a way to fix that ? Then, and that is the most important one: Is there a way to use LTE? I use this machine for web design and now I have to hotspot to it from my iPhone all the time when I'm showing clients websites. Before I installed macOS is came with a LTE-Card installed and it worked fine in Windows 7. After installing macOS I sold that card because it was not compatible anymore. Now I read on the board that there are people who have a LTE card in their laptops with macOS. What card should I buy to get the latest 4G LTE compatibility on macOS Sierra on my E7450? Thanks so far...
  11. Down are some screenshots they might be helpful: Can it be because of that Core storage think?
  12. No, I changed the hibernate mode and it does not help at all. When I try to wake the machine the power led is constant and the HDD led is blinking...
  13. Hello. I just installed macOS Sierra on my E7450. There is one big issue with the sleep. Thats why I tried to reinstall. Overtime the computer wakes from sleep the HDD-LED blinks and it feels like its lost its RAM and nothing is working and I need to hard reboot every time. The Wifi is not working although sound and bluetooth is... And I'm not able to patch the SSTD. It says "unknown CPU model". It worked in El Capitan. Any suggestions what to do ?
  14. Okay USB Injector doesn't work as well
  15. okay. looks like I've got it. Ill try to reboot and see...
  16. If this is what you mean - sorry. Not even that works
  17. What do I need to look at? no, don't know
  18. Yes, Im 100% sure. It worked on 10.11 perfectly fine. Well - no handoff but bluetooth... I have the receipt for the following product and its in my laptop. Using its wifi right now: Broadcom BCM94352Z 802.11AC 876Mbps Wireless DW-1560 Bluetooth 4.0 M.2 NGFF
  19. Card is set to the right slot. It is enabled and shown in the BIOS... Yes, its in USB. See the screenshot
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