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  1. I created completely new set of serials (OS, MLB, ROM and SmUUID) and reinstalled everything from scratch, but I didn't try to use my account. I asked my friend who have AppleID that was created in 2013 to sign in to iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime on this new installation. Everything worked like a charm in first attempt. He was able to send and receive messages and he called me on my iPhone over FaceTime without any problem. He logged off and then I tried to use my account. I instantly got a message to call support. It was same with my son's account. My sons account was mad in 2016 and mine is from 2017. Our accounts work on iPhone and real Macs, but not on any hack. So, people with new accounts probably can try to call support, but there is no guaranty that it would actually help, since I talked with some people with same problem on some other forum. Some of them actually called support, but they still can't log in.
  2. Hibernation is disabled, hibernatefile is set to /dev/null, permissions are good. Should not be related to hibernation, since it happens in the middle of work. Unfortunately it always happen when I am very busy, so I can't just left it like that to see will it start to work again.
  3. 1. There was some issue with APFS and SSD trim on hacks. Recommended solution was to disable SSD trim or to use HFS+. I have no idea if that still applies or not. Personally I am using HFS+ because I am constantly using Clonezilla to backup and restore images of my partitions in order to safely play with my system and to be able to revert it quickly to perfectly working state. 2. Jake's bootpack contains all kexts that you need. 3. A bunch of warnings and assertion failures, even a long delay between RAM disk initialization and mounting of existing partitions is perfectly normal. After you generate SSDT.aml in post-install steps, your system will boot much faster and with less warnings (most of them are perfectly safe to ignore). If you want to use APFS be sure that your EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI folder contains apfs.efi. I advice you to use Jake's Generic EFI folder EFI_4359.zip and Bootpack for your system, since all needed files are there.
  4. From time to time my system randomly freeze. When it happen I can not click anything, can't switch app or window, no shortcut works, but for some strange reason I can still move my cursor. Sometimes I even see that disk indicator flash. Only thing that I can do in that moment is to press and hold power button in order to shutdown my system. It doesn't happen too often, nor every day, but it's very annoying. Could it be related to wrong SSDT or some of patched files? Could it be related to TP link drivers for USB WiFi? Any other ideas?
  5. And I would totally agree with you if this was question from someone else. Biggest mystery is why I can use iMessage with same AppleID on my iPhone without any problem and why I can't log in to iMessage or FaceTime from macOS, but I can log in to iCloud and AppStore on same system without any problem. Only difference between my account and my friends account is that I have US ID without any CC info and he have Croatian ID (also without CC info). Is it possible that CC info is absolutely required for US ID in order to use iMessage on macOS?
  6. I have very strange problem. I can't sign in to FaceTime or iMessage with my AppleID. I asked my son to try to log in with his AppleID and we got same message that I need to call support. I was sure that I need to change something in my config.plist, since I read some articles and saw some tutorials on YouTube related to that problem. Few minutes ago I asked my friend to try to sign in with his AppleID and FaceTime started without any problem. Any ideas what should I do?
  7. Hello from 10.13.2 I updated all the kexts and copied new config.plist to my EFI, replaced serials, SortedOrder and boot timeout. Everything went smoothly from there. FakeSMC, Shiki and IntelMausiEthernet have slightly newer versions, so I used those new versions. Thank you once more.
  8. Thank you both. I already downloaded all the latest versions of kexts that I know where to find. I have no idea where to find ApplePS2Controller, DisableTurboBoostBattery and AppleBacklightInjector, so I will just use those 3 from Jakes archive. I will replace those and try to update little later. Thank you for clarifying DSDT/SSDT numbering difference. The only thing that is still not clear to me is why config.plist is so different. The version on my drive have both FixHeaders and FixRegions, but new one only have FixHeaders. I only have CpuSsdt but I do not have Cpu0Ist that exists in new one. I do not have abm_firstpolldelay (since it's new flag). I have DualLink, AppleHDA ALC 293 #1 (also 2, 3 and 4), but do not have BacklightLevel and so on... Should I use new config and just replace SortedOrder and serials with those I had?
  9. I can't boot 10.13.2 update from my disk, while currently installed 10.13.1 works just fine. The only obvious reason for this behavior is currently installed bootpack. I just compared my files with files that Jake Lo posted here. Most kexts are same, but some of them are slightly older or newer then those. The only kext that might be a problem is Lilu, since I have 1.2.0, and I see in 1.2.1 release notes that it have some workarounds for 10.13.2. It's not a problem for me to update those kexts, or even to replace whole bootpack, but I am actually trying to understand what's going on. @JakeLo I am totally confused why SSDT files in ACPI patched folder in latest bootpack are not same as those that I have. Booth patched folders are made by you, and both are for E7450 with same Optimus card with same A17 BIOS. I have those SSDTs: 0, 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and files that you posted this time are: 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. I am aware that reason for this are original files that were send to you, but why dumped files were so different on those two systems? Should I use those new files or files that you made from dump I sent you from my system? I am also trying to figure out where to find latest version of all kexts you posted when I want to update them myself. Some of those kexts are very easy to find (like LILU or those from Rehabman), but some of those are real challenge to figure out where they came from. I guess I could just use your files and be grateful to you, but I am actually trying to learn something here. This doesn't mean that I am not grateful to you.
  10. I compared OSBundleLibraries part from CellPhoneHelper from my HS system with that in your kext. They are same. <key>OSBundleLibraries</key> <dict> <key>com.apple.driver.AppleUSBHostMergeProperties</key> <string>1.0</string> <key>com.apple.iokit.IOUSBHostFamily</key> <string>1.0.1</string> <key>com.apple.kpi.iokit</key> <string>8.0</string> <key>com.apple.kpi.libkern</key> <string>9.0.0</string> </dict> <key>OSBundleRequired</key> <string>Root</string> Network/WWAN in System Information is empty and there is nothing about this card in USB section. If I add USBInjectAll.kext with kext you posted I am getting this: Dell Wireless 5809e Gobi™ 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Card: Product ID: 0x81b1 Vendor ID: 0x413c (Dell Inc.) Version: 0.06 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated Location ID: 0x14800000 / 2 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 500 Extra Operating Current (mA): 0 And this WWAN Information: Dell_Wireless_5809e_Gobi____4G_: Device Version Number: 6 idProduct: 0x81b1 idVendor: 0x413c locationID: 0x14800000 @ 0 Modem Software: Unknown Network Name: Unknown WWAN_TYPE: GSM I am confused. OSBundleLibraries match, and 0x413c is 16700 as referenced by idVendor. I am sorry if i am missing something obvious.
  11. OOPS!! I am very sorry, but since there is no real MacBook with LTE, I though that my assumption was correct (if hardware is not used, that probably means that there is no drivers). This article was one of main reason for my false assumption. Since I have DW5809e with SIM card inserted I just tired kext that you posted here but it doesn't work on High Sierra. I am not sure if I have to change something in Info.plist or I need some additional kext.
  12. All file names start with FakeSMC. I do not see any of FakeSMC kexts by name in Extensions. Any advice? All 5 kexs are in Other folder in Clover on EFI partition as advised by RehabMan in some posts.
  13. I installed FakeSMC 6.26 with all plugins and HWMonitor, but I do no see anything about GPU in HWMonitor. I can only verify that main FakeSMC kext is loaded, but I have no idea if plugins are loaded or not. $ kextstat | grep Fake 42 2 0xffffff7f8332d000 0x11000 0x11000 org.netkas.driver.FakeSMC (1765) 9EEC6103-EEBA-34B3-B9AF-8FE333C43E90 <11 7 5 4 3 1> Should I see all 5 kext loaded with kextstat or only main one? Am I missing something?
  14. I have Dell D1000 Dual Video USB3.0 Docking Station with two 24" Dell monitors. Everything works like a charm on MacOS. One monitor is connected over HDMI, other over DP. Even LAN is working without a problem. To make it work, all you need to do is to install appropriate DisplayLink drivers for macOS from http://www.displaylink.com/downloads Only potential drawback is the fact that you have to use laptops own power supply, since only connection with laptop is over one of laptops USB ports. I have no idea will it work with something like Dell E-Port Replicator with USB 3.0. Everything that is clearly labeled as DisplayLink should work fine. -- There is no way to use internal LTE card. You could probably use some external USB dongle that is macOS compatible. Huawei E3372 should work (at least based on this info), but it is too big for my taste.
  15. Sorry for late reply, was on little vacation and busy at work. Thanks to you, I have working HS updated to 13.1 As far I can see NVidia is disabled. System is very quiet and temperature is not too high. None of nvidia kexts are loaded kextstat | grep nvidia System Information shows only Intel in Graphics/Displays. I made my own bootpack with your help. I am using Lilu 1.2 and other new kexts that works with Lilu 1.2. I am also using IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup without BIOS patch. Thank you very much Jake.
  16. Thank you very much Jake. There are some small issues, but this works. There is a long delay between RAM disk initialization and mounting of existing SDD partitions (about 30-60 seconds). During that time I am getting some warnings and some assertion failures. And finally there is some warning about unknown CPU and power management. If you ignore those small non-blocking issues, everything else is perfect. btw. I am just curious, why Audio Inject have value of 11? Is that some special value of just a typo? <key>Audio</key> <dict> <key>Inject</key> <string>11</string> <key>ResetHDA</key> <true/> </dict>
  17. Next morning I made a terrible mistake, when I decided to make new installation USB with updated EFI. I prepared USB installation at least 30-40 times and none of those worked. Looks like that at least one Gremlin lives in my laptop (probably few of them). I have no other explanation. I am software developer with 20 years of experience in system administration (both Linux and Windows), so I hope I know what I am doing. Every time I removed both partitions (install and EFI) and started from scratch. - I tried with 3 versions of Clover (4200, 4233, 4243) - I tried just to add efi driver, acpi, kext and config.plist that you sent to fresh Clover install, but I also tried to use all your files (replacing BOOT and CLOVER folders) - I tried with IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup.kext, but also with BIOS 0x3 patch - I checked if my clean MacOS installation (before Clover installation works on real Mac) Only thing that I can think of is that I used some combination of your kexts and some others that I downloaded when I managed to boot it, since I can't make this work with your kexts only. Will try that now. This is the error I am getting. EDIT: Looks like I have a similar problem as this one
  18. I will check as soon as I install HS during weekend. I am too tiered to do that now.
  19. I had busy week at work, so didn't have time to test this further earlier. I finally was able to properly boot HS installation (with your A17 bootpack), and I am equally ashamed and confused. Please take a look at this photo Everything is very clear. Just boot USB with -v. Right? It should be that easy, but it's not. When I tried to boot installation for the first time (with old kexts) I pressed F12, chose USB in BIOS boot menu and I got exactly same screen. I selected USB from that menu, added -v and chose boot. I did that first few times. Once I forgot to press F12 on start, but I got exactly same screen. So I thought that USB is probably earlier in boot order than SSD, since I had option to boot from USB. Later I was just trying to boot from USB, without pressing F12 first. I was getting similar errors, so I didn't give any significance to fact that I didn't pressed F12 first. Now I am aware that the Clover that was launched was Clover from my SSD and not from USB. I figured that out when I installed Clover 4233 on USB, and saw 4200 on this menu. So yes, you were right, I wasn't booted this properly. But now I am confused. Looks like it is important which Clover was booted, but this makes not sense to me. Shouldn't Clover read config from drive that I am trying to boot, and not the drive where it were started from? btw. I would like to update "Generic EFI Folder" in order to use latest version of those files (from latest Clover 4233). I am aware that Themese folder is not same, but I am not sure what else is different. I would like to be able to prepare this myself next time when I need a fresh USB installation. Thank you very much once again Jake, and sorry for the confusion that I eventually made.
  20. Thank you very much Jake. Unfortunately still no luck. With "Enable Legacy Option ROMs" boot crash with same error I had from start. If "Enable Legacy Option ROMs" is off I am getting KP and system reboots. I disabled reboot on KP and took this image. I am confused about version info in "Last unloaded kext" - it says ALC 1.1.3 but info on file from bootpack states 1.1.4?! I have an idea. What is the minimal set of needed kexts? I should check if I can boot this with that minimal set of kexts, and then I could probably add one by one to see when it will crash. I am sorry if sometimes I sound little ignorant, but I am fairly new to all this. EDIT: Looks like dual grapics is the problem after all. https://www.tonycrapx86.com/threads/fix-window-server-service-only-ran-for-0-seconds-with-dual-gpu.233092/ Would you mind to help me with this?
  21. I am starting to suspect that real problem here is my BIOS or some piece of my hardware. I installed Sierra while I had A15 BIOS. I updated my BIOS to A17 and was prepared that Sierra might stop working, but everything continued to work without any problem, so I didn't expect any problems with HS. HS just refuse to boot properly. Sometimes boot process hangs, sometimes it crash and system restarts. I am starting to suspect that something is wrong with ACPI patches or that nVidia can't be disabled for some strange reason. I even downgraded my BIOS to A15, but still wasn't able to boot, so I reverted BIOS back to A17. All this time Sierra works without any problem. I have no idea what else to try. Origin attached if someone have time and will to take a look. btw. is there a way to create log file while booting from USB? I am not able to take a proper picture since text goes too fast. I suspect that there is some error message in the middle of boot process that might point what's wrong, but I just can't capture it.
  22. I only have one 512GB SSD drive, so removing Windows drive is not an option. Shouldn't -lilubetaall flag do exactly what you are saying - enable beta flag for lilu and all plugins? I can try to add flags for all plugins. That's is not a problem, but I am not sure that it would help. All I can think off now is to try to update all kexts that are in Jake's bootpack, but there is currently some network issue with SF, so I will try that tomorrow.
  23. If I understand correctly this is same as this flag is for versions above 10.13. But doesn't mean that I am right. I cleaned USB again and started from scratch. I updated those kexts from Jake's post to latest versions. I also put new config that Jake posted. Just added that flag to boot options in config over Clover Configurator and will take another try. I will report results soon. EDIT: Architecture couldn't be recognized! PCM_BOOT 0 = <ptr>, PCM_BOOT 42 = 0x00000011
  24. Looks like Enable Legacy Option ROMs must be off, since I am getting exactly the same error as before if I try to enable it. If that option is off, I am getting this error:
  25. Thank you very much. This is faster and easier method to create USB installation than to mount dmgs, restore and copy/paste. I guess my question might be misleading. I was able to boot installation from USB, but I am still not able to boot it properly and completely. If I enable Legacy Option ROMs it crash almost instantly If I disable that option t takes longer, but installation fails with another message Then I tried to update IntelGraphicsFixup (with RehabMan-IntelGraphicsFixup-2017-0819.zip) but still didn't managed to boot it. One more info that might be important - I am also using latest versions of IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup.kext and Lilu.kext since I restored my BIOS defaults. Those two works just fine in my current Sierra installation. Maybe I should try without those two and with 96MB patch?
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