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  1. It's so easy to create a USB map. Follow this guide: https://github.com/corpnewt/USBMap The reason why your webcam is not showing is because you are not mapping your USB ports correctly. https://github.com/corpnewt/USBMap/blob/master/Information.md Features No dependency on USBInjectAll Can map XHCI (chipset, third party, and AMD), EHCI, OHCI, and UHCI ports Can map USB 2 HUBs currently disabled Matches based on class name, not port or controller name Allows setting nicknames to the last-seen populated ports in discovery
  2. It's super easy creating a USBMap, just read the instructions. Here is mine: USBMap.kext.zip 1.22 kB · 0 downloads You should remove USBInjectAll.kext I did not map the thunderbolt port since I dont use it. Also MacOS only detects the controller when you have a device plugged in. For a Dell 7280 you should be using SMBIOS MacBookPro14,1. The trackpad can't be fixed. It just suck because there are no "good" drivers/kext for it. It seems you copied the opencore configuration. I suggest you follow the guide and do your own. I see a few ACPI p
  3. The files on that link didn't contain the ACPI patch for OSID to XSID. But you pointed me to the right direction and the keys are working now. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Updated Platform-id for the HD620 fix the HDMI issue. Can you fix the Brightness key mapping? You helped me when I was running Catalina.
  5. I upgraded from Clover/Catalina to OpenCore/BigSur. It was easier than I expected and the file and configuration are much cleaner with OpenCore. The system works fine except for: Screen Brightness Button. Fn+Up and Fn+Dn used to work under clover. But I have not been able to apply the same changes to OpenCore (BRT6??) HDMI and DP connectors are not working. (Black Screen). I am Working on this now. Sleep is flaky. Closing the lid does not put the laptop to sleep. EFI.zip
  6. I did. Where do you see the kext from my previous debug log? Any way to get a better trackpad experience?
  7. Thanks, YOU ARE DA MAN!!! I had to do all 3 steps to get audio working 1) layout id 21 2) Remove SSDT-HDEF.aml 3) Remove FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio Also your BRT6 SSDT fixed the brightness keys!! My trackpad is flaky. I believe its working like a mouse because trackpad is not detected in prefs panel. Is there a good kext to use for I2C ALPS trackpad? Thanks Again, debug_29539.zip
  8. Thanks for the guides and bootpacks. I purchased a Dell 7280 and installed Catalina. Everything is working except for: 1) I have not been able to get any sound device to show up. It should work since it's ALC256, I tried multiple layout-id. 2) Brigthness Keys are mapped to FN+B and FN+S instead of FN+UP and FN+DOWN (not big deal) 3) HDMI out freezes the laptop or reboots. 4) Lid open/close does not work. --------------------------------------------------- Debug files attached. debug_3360.zip
  9. Awesome!. Everything is working now. I could not have done it without your help.
  10. When I compile and save your dsdt.dsl file I would lose sound. Your dsdt.aml works fine. Is there something special I have to do compile or save your dsdt.dsl? Even with no changes done, I would lose sound. FYI: I am using MaciASL 1.31
  11. Thanks for the quick reply!!! I still see the error messages. To be honest I am not sure if they have any affect on the system. I haven't found any issues and the notebook is working fine. Attached ACPI errors file. + Full Debug Logs ACPI.txt debug_15853.zip
  12. I have been using the patched A21 DSDT from the 7440 and I haven't had any issues. I am actually surprised at how good everything is working. But I was wondering if you could patch the A22 BIOS for the E7240. With the current DSDT I see a lot of ACPI errors. Dell E7240 CPU: i7-4600U WIFI: Atheros 9280 Screen: 1920x1080 BIOS: A22 Mac OS High Sierra Thanks. Clover Origin folder attached. origin.zip
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