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Latitude 7280: some unresolved problems with Big Sur + OC 0.6.9


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Hello everyone, I installed macOS Big Sur with OC 0.6.9 but I have some issues

  1. the trackpad works but it is not recognized in the Preference Panel so I can't slide horizontally, only vertically
  2. a usb dongle for the mouse and keyboard doesn't work when connected but a usb key does
  3. SMBIOS for MacbookPro13,2 is set but "About this Mac" reports a Core i7 when my CPU is actually a Core i5
  4. webcam doesn't work

I have my EFI OC below:


thanks in advance for your help 

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  1. Afaik, the TouchPad is I2C and not fully supported; what you've obtained so far is probably the best you'll get. Check existing threads discussing that matter on the 7280, there are a few.
  2. Make sure to generate your USB port mapping to get all ports supported. Remove any XhciPortLimit in your config if applicable.
  3. That's cosmetic and I've heard that before but can't say I've experienced this myself. Check that your config does not specify anything for CPU id. Experiment with MBP13,1; it's the usual/recommended SMBIOS for Skylake/HD520 laptops.
  4. Assuming your webcam is USB-internal, it'll either work OOB or not at all. 1st thing to check is if it's listed in SysInfo->USB and thereby confirm whether USB ports are all working as expected. If it's listed but does not appear to work in apps like FaceTime, consider it unsupported.
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ok if I switch to a MacBook Pro 13,1 my usb type-C port that I use for the charger will still work ? 

I've never done it before and I'm sure I'll get some help on it, but if I don't, I'll be able to modify SMBIOS as I know how to do it.

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It's super easy creating a USBMap, just read the instructions.  Here is mine:

USBMap.kext.zip 1.22 kB · 0 downloads


  1. You should remove USBInjectAll.kext
  2. I did not map the thunderbolt port since I dont use it.  Also MacOS only detects the controller when you have a device plugged in.  
  3. For a Dell 7280 you should be using SMBIOS MacBookPro14,1. 
  4. The trackpad can't be fixed.  It just suck because there are no "good" drivers/kext for it. 
  5. It seems you copied the opencore configuration.  I suggest you follow the guide and do your own.  I see a few ACPI patches I dont recognize.  I attached a SAMPLE of my configuration, so you can compared them. 



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