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  1. Any way to boot it up faster? 0:100 0:100 MemLog inited, TSC freq: 2400692360 0:100 0:000 CPU was calibrated with RTC 0:100 0:000 0:100 0:000 Now is 19.8.2018, 4:31:43 (GMT) 0:100 0:000 Starting Clover revision: 4586 on INSYDE Corp. EFI 0:100 0:000 Build with: [Args: -D NO_GRUB_DRIVERS_EMBEDDED -t XCODE8 | -D NO_GRUB_DRIVERS_EMBEDDED -D USE_LOW_EBDA -a X64 -b RELEASE -t XCODE8 -n 5 | OS: 10.13.5 | XCODE: 9.4.1] 0:100 0:000 SelfDevicePath=PciRoot(0x0)\Pci(0x17,0x0)\Sata(0x0,0x0,0x0)\HD(1,GPT,A9E9F9BE-AB91-4E4F-AAD8-CBBDB057042A,0x28,0x64000) @65717698 0:100 0:000 SelfDirPa
  2. Requirements Pendrive 2.0 (>=8GB) "Install macOS Sierra app" (https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/macos-sierra/id1127487414?l=en)(Around 5GB) Working Mac Installing Clover to USB Get a USB 2.0 Pendrive (8GB and above) Before you can partition the USB, you must determine what the disk identifier is. With the USB plugged in to the computer, use 'diskutil list': In Terminal: diskutil list In my case, output: /dev/disk0 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition
  3. even with real mac serial number, it is not working.
  4. I have reinstalled everything 3-4 times till now. still no work
  5. I have fresh installed my hackintosh, my values are not changing with reboot. still its not working.
  6. I created new appleid, now its neither showing any error nor its signing in.
  7. After un-checking the fixLan and fixAirPlay got the built-in checked. Now able to sign-in to apple store, itunes, icloud etc but still not to imessage, facetime. EDIT 1: I don't have apple recovery partition, can that might be the problem?
  8. My bios don't have option, So i physically removed it. But now built-in is not checked! that is needed right? and apple store is still not working, however i am able to login to icloud.
  9. I tried deleting those files and restarted laptop several times, but every time wifi is taking en0
  10. previously it was correct as you said, when apple store was working. now no matter how many times i restarts, wifi take en0.
  11. Man i have tried these guides several times, it just not work. even previously my apple store was working, but now that's also not working! help guys!
  12. but will it not affect if i use real mac config serials(i.e. serial+MLB+ROM+Board serial number)?
  13. 404 We could not find the page you were looking for. Please check the URL or contact an administrator for assistance. if you have time, can we share screens?
  14. can you please guide me though ? I have tried several values and tutorials in last 2 months, but was not able to login!
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