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  1. Hi guys, @Ahmed Essam The difference between your specs and mine is only the processor. My laptop uses Intel i7. @taras_hetman My EFI folder => https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JnItAK8Fx0nSv70_9nCWFKALD9Z_qS8E I've successfully updated to the latest mojave (10.14.2). Cheers! Rafael Siqueira
  2. @Ahmed Essam you need to update your BIOS. Go to the dell website and find the latest version. My version is 1.10.x if i remember well. Did you configure your bios setup (ahci, etc)? Yes, I have the same graphic card. cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  3. @Ahmed Essam, what is your BIOS version?
  4. Hi @Ahmed Essam! Which step are you in? Which problem are you facing? Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  5. Hi @Jake Lo! I'm already using the latest (2.1.4). Find the screenshot attached. I was using the beta version (2.0.3) before Mojave's final release. For the Mojave released version, the I2C beta didn't work. Cheers! Rafael Siqueira
  6. Hi @utomi ! Only the native wifi is not working due to its incompatibility with OSX. I'm using an external wifi dongle. Everything else is working properly: - Audio - Bluetooth - Ethernet - Keyboard/Trackpad - All USB ports - USB-C port - HDMI/VGA ports You can use my EFI files shared in the above messages with the config file shared by JakeLo. Following the answers in this thread should help you get it working. Let me know if you need any additional help. Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  7. Superman! All working! Thanks a lot. Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  8. Hi @Jake Lo and @viking1304 ! I've successfully updated to the "released" version of Mojave, no changes in config.plist. I only had to update the IC2 kexts in order to make the trackpad work properly. I'm still facing problems with the display ports. The HDMI and VGA ports don't work and the system freezes when you plug it in. Find attached my EFI folder with "origin" populated as well as the debug files generated. Cheers, Rafael Siqueira debug_27397.zip EFI.zip
  9. Hey, @Jake Lo! Thanks! The trackpad is now working!! For the display ports I have not tested yet. I'll give a try next weekend. Do you have those patches already in a config.plist? I'm newbie customising this things. Cheers., Rafael Siqueira
  10. Hi guys! Sorry the delay. Busy days. No success with the HDMI/VGA ports and Trackpad. @Jake Lo , Do you have any idea? Here is the summary Working - Audio - Keyboard - Bluetooth - USBs - Thunderbolt Not working - Trackpad - Display Ports When I plug the display ports the system freezes. Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  11. Thanks! I'll give a try tonight. Keep you guys posted. Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  12. Hi @Jake Lo / @viking1304 Any idea about HDMI/VGA ports compatibility with mojave? Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  13. Just an update: My notebook has a thunderbold usb-c port. When I plug my external monitor in, the display works fine. When I plug in HDMI/VGA the system freezes. Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  14. Hahaha! Thanks, it's clean now The audio was fixed. My issues now are: - Trackpad (not a big problem as I use bluetooth mouse) - Display Ports (HDMI / VGA) - It was working fine on High Sierra. I kept the HDMI patches in config but no effect. Do you any idea how to fix the display issues? Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  15. Hi @viking1304! Thanks. Almost there! I successfully installed the latest Mojave Beta, but some items are not working yet. Working Keyboard Camera Bluetooth Ethernet Not working Trackpad Audio HDMI Port (freezes when I plug in/out) Find attached the debug_files and my EFI folder. Again, thanks for your support. Cheers, Rafael Siqueira debug_21001.zip EFI.zip
  16. Hi, As we are close to having the final build for MacOS Mojave, I've started to prepare myself for the update. I'm currently using High Sierra. I want to make a fresh install. My steps were: 1) Download Mojave and make bootable disk (via createinstallmedia); 2) Install the last Clover version; 3) Copied the same config.plist used in High Sierra I'm facing a kernel panic, probably because of wrong (or missing) patches. Find attached a screenshot, origin folder and EFI folder. @Jake Lo, can you help me with this? Cheers, Rafael Siqueira origin.zip EFI.zip
  17. Hey @Jake Lo! Just an update... yes, everything is working fine (HDMI and VGA). Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  18. Yes! Find attached the debug files. debug_2454.zip Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  19. Hi, @Jake Lo ! Solved. Steps: - I've removed all Voodoo kexts - Downloaded the updated versions of Voodoo kext - Added the kexts into /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/other \o/ Everything working as expected now! Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  20. Hey, Done, but no effect, only keyboard is working. Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  21. Hi @Jake Lo ! Just an update: I've installed the SSD and it worked like a charm. The only issue I'm still facing (even before the SSD) is the trackpad. Can you help me? Find attached the debug files. debug_23557.zip Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
  22. Hi @Jake Lo ! Sorry the delay. Thanks for asking. I'll give a try this week. I'm out of home this weekend and the laptop (3480) stayed at home. Thanks, Rafael Siqueira
  23. Yeah! Now it's perfect! Even the trackpad is working well! Thanks, man!
  24. Hi, @Jake Lo! Sorry, I misunderstood. Find attached the file. debug_32642.zip Thanks!
  25. Hi man, thanks! I've sent in the first message. I've updated the files. Find attached. origin.zip Cheers, Rafael Siqueira
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