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  1. Hello everyone, So, i need help to install hackintosh on a Intel X10SLL-HF running a Intel Xeon E3-1220 V3 with 16 GB RAM and a Nvidia GeForce GT 710 v2(2 GB). I got two pen drives, one with the macOS Mojave and other with Clover. I’m stuck at the boot black screen with a “ACPI Error: 3 table load failures, 0 successful (20160930/tbxfload-342)” message. Attached the photos of the error and the clover pendrive content. Any help would be appreciated! CloverEFI.zip
  2. Hello, Levi here So, i've got issues with iMessage since i started with hackintosh'es I've been trying to make it work on my laptop and no luck I followed This Tutorial but i had absolutely no luck Can someone help me to make it work? Or i'm trapped to not be able to use it? Attached my EFI folder EFI.zip EDIT: Relating to the error, it keeps saying "An error ocurred during authentication" EDIT 2: I messed around in something, and now it logins, stays for some seconds but after throws that "An error ocurred during authentication" error. I think i'm close to make it work
  3. Welp... time to get new WiFi cards Thanks for all the help!(Now i'm going to struggle to install Mojave on another Hackintosh i have)
  4. I was suspecting they're old cards Yeah i had mistyped there, is a AR5BXB63. There is compatibility for this one?
  5. So, i do have a Dell Latitude E5520(Intel Core i5 2nd Gen, 4 GB RAM, Running Mac Os Sierra(10.12.6)). Everything on it works perfectly, without count the wireless I've been searching for an Wifi Card that works with it The Native Dell DW-1501 Is Incompatible(Not asking about this card), but i got three cards to test, an Realtek RTL8187B, a Broadcom BCM4311KFBG and a AzureWave AR5BXB83 Did anyone uses one of theses cards? If yes, do need some sort of kext to make them work? I tried all of them but none seemed to work (If my EFI folder is needed, just tell)
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