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Found 3 results

  1. It Is possible to working iMessage nad FaceTime on Bigsur? I follow wanilla guide and fix etery step, also clear local files and keychain. Same behaviour, Login in to iMessage and after few second i log out, without any error.
  2. Hello, Levi here So, i've got issues with iMessage since i started with hackintosh'es I've been trying to make it work on my laptop and no luck I followed This Tutorial but i had absolutely no luck Can someone help me to make it work? Or i'm trapped to not be able to use it? Attached my EFI folder EFI.zip EDIT: Relating to the error, it keeps saying "An error ocurred during authentication" EDIT 2: I messed around in something, and now it logins, stays for some seconds but after throws that "An error ocurred during authentication" error. I think i'm close to make it work
  3. Hi. I just got macOS Sierra installed on my Dell Lat. e7450. WiFi isn't working yet, but I have the 1830 card on it's way. When I went into FaceTime to sign in, I put in my info then got a notification saying I can't sign in on this mac and I needed to contact apple. Of course, as Apple would not support me in my hackintosh needs, I turned to this forum. Any suggestions on how to fix iMessage and FaceTime? All help is greatly appreciated!
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