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  1. Oh yeah. Sorry. It is dell latitude E7450 with intel core i5 5300u and 8gb Ram
  2. I am having issues with my WiFi after waking my computer up from sleep or hibernation. It will say that it is connected but when I try to do something online, it will not connect to the internet. For example, chrome will show the dinosaur page. Does anybody know how to fix this? Everything else is working fine. My wifi card is the Broadcom 1830
  3. I have everything working on my Dell Latitude E7450 including iMessage and FaceTime. However, the only problem I am having is with my WiFi. After I wake my HacBook from sleep mode, WiFi will work, but it is extremely slow. I have moved the proper Broadcom kexts to S/L/E. I have the DW1830 Broadcom Card that has both WiFi and Bluetooth. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Yes. This worked. Thank you. Any other clues how to get iMessage working?
  5. What are the repair permissions and cache rebuild commands?
  6. Does the DW1830 Broadcom have WiFi and Bluetooth or just WiFi? I got the WiFi to work out of the package, but bluetooth is not showing up in system preferences like it did on the old card.
  7. That did not solve the track pad issue. I would honestly rather get iMessage and FT working because I can make do with out gestures. iMessage and FT are two of the big reasons I am trying to hackintosh this laptop anyway.
  8. Also, is there a way for my Dell Trackpad to show up in the trackpad preferences pane? I would really like to be able to use the multi touch gestures such as three finger slide up for mission control, two fingers from side to side for going back a page, etc.
  9. Yes. This worked Thank you! However, neither of those links were able to help me get iMessage working. I still get the same error...
  10. I’m supposed to use the folder for 7250 on my 7450?
  11. When I try to boot to the HS upgrade installer it hangs here.
  12. So I ordered the card. Now I am trying to get iMessage and FaceTime to work. I logged into FaceTime but it says "You cannot login to facetime on this mac. Please contact apple support". Of course, I didn't contact them. Any ideas how to fix this?
  13. Hi. I just got macOS Sierra installed on my Dell Lat. e7450. WiFi isn't working yet, but I have the 1830 card on it's way. When I went into FaceTime to sign in, I put in my info then got a notification saying I can't sign in on this mac and I needed to contact apple. Of course, as Apple would not support me in my hackintosh needs, I turned to this forum. Any suggestions on how to fix iMessage and FaceTime? All help is greatly appreciated!
  14. Okay. Never mind, I thought the Sierra Wireless AirPrime was WLAN but it is only WWAN. Are DW1560 and DW1830 Broadcom?
  15. Okay. Thanks for that. I did put them in the wrong place. I moved them and it booted right up. However, my wifi does not seem to be working. I believe that I do have the Sierra Wireless thingy installed. Any idea how to fix this?
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