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  1. i follow the guide on FAQ topic, but without changes. Still won't work. Generate SMBIOS, MLB, ROM from ethernet and from WI-fi. I don't have faith will work.
  2. It Is possible to working iMessage nad FaceTime on Bigsur? I follow wanilla guide and fix etery step, also clear local files and keychain. Same behaviour, Login in to iMessage and after few second i log out, without any error.
  3. I try different VoodooPS2Controller only 1Revenger1 and Dr. Hurt work only click and touch. So I find this config, take from there VoodooPS2Controller and add to config.plist. VoodooPS2Controller.kext VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext VoodooPS2Trackpad VoodooPS2Mouse.kext Now is working, thanks for help https://osxlatitude.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=30126 one more thing, when you copy all kext connected to Voodoo2C after sleep it will crash, so better stash them it this case
  4. Thanks for EFI, some issue are fixed: -Working keyboard -no freeze after pług/unplug charger - second screen is visable when pin to dock station not working: -touchpad and trackpad -after close lid and open again black screen. i can drag window to then i tested to dock station. any Clues to fix this issues?
  5. Hello i have few issues, i can't fix them. Trying some solution, but dosnet't work. I follow Vanila guid on dotrania. Previous i had fully worked Cathalina with clover i decided to change efi to OC, install Big Sur 11.2.3 and then fix problem's but i can't deal with it. I have Dell E5470 with i5 6300u without GPU. My issue i find out: -Not working keyboard, mouse and track pad -freeze after pług/unplug charger -no second screen when pin to dock station -sleep also dosne't work but is not so important than previous i attach my EFI, if someone can help i will be very gratefull EFI.zip
  6. it's possibility to change sensivity trackpad? i wann speed up a little, when i done it in settings MacOS, track pad notworking.
  7. one more question is possible to hide commands during boot mac ?
  8. Hello, anyone have working folder EFI to used with Clover to Dell E5470. I have one config, but dosen't work: - black screeen after sleep -touch pad geastures -fn keys I tryed fix it lookign solution, but i don't have effect, so i ask about working config.
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