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  1. Could anyone upload EFI folder for mojave DELL Mobile Precision 7510 NVIDIA M1000M, Intel HD530 Thanks in advance
  2. Hi All, i have issue with Audio Port 3.5 when connect headphone i don't hear anything aduio works perfect with laptop speaker
  3. @taras_hetman Here's my EFI folder hope works with https://www.mediafire.com/file/0qezd44zb3j821e/EFI.zip/file sorry the file size is 41MB and attached files to forum only max size 23MB Works For Me Graphics (Intel HD 620) Audio but 3.5 audio headphone not works HDMI works fine audio and video Ethernet Touchpad As Mouse not trackpad not works Sleep Wifi not compatible Good Luck
  4. For me touchpad works as a normal mouse trackpad not works
  5. @hornless Hello, could you please help me to fix trackpad issue , my touchpad works as a normal mouse , i inject VoodooI2C and VoodooI2CHID and VoodooPS2Controller but no avail, my laptop is dell latitude 5480
  6. Hi @Jake Lo I Appreciate your help any updates ?
  7. @Jake Lo Kindly find attached file. Ahmed’s MacBook Pro.ioreg
  8. Yes Battery Status is working here's a new debug files as per your request debug_26809.zip @Jake Lo
  9. @Jake Lo Kindly see the attached screen
  10. @Jake Lo Kindly find attached file. debug_14371.zip
  11. @Jake Lo I finished installing Mojave now everything works fine expect wifi and trackpad WIFI Qualcomm QCA61x4A could u please help me on this
  12. @Hattori Thanks Man for your EFI I tried it on my laptop but i have different GPU intel 620 ,, installation successfully the following works fine Intel HD 620 Sound Keyboard FN Keys Brightness - the following things does not works WIFI Ethernet Touchpad Could you please help me on this Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks Jake i will try and get back to u shortly
  14. @Rafael Siqueira what should enabled and disabled from Bios - Disable Secure Boot - Sata Mode = AHCI What Else also check the below specs of my laptop does it match your laptop model ? CPU Intel Core i5-7200U VGA Intel HD 620 Audio ALC256 WIFI Qualcomm QCA61x4A LAN Intel Ethernet Connection I219-LM
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