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  1. @dirtyb15 I am also using dell ins 3558 (i5 5200U), I also have black screen issue when install mojave (catalina). Can you share me your CLOVER and how to fix this problem. Thanks
  2. @Jake Lo I tried with the latest version and older versions Nothing changes
  3. I have the same problem The problem here is not able to boot into the clover After selecting the USB from the bios menu, there is no Clover GUI, it only has a black screen and nothing
  4. The problem has been solved. I removed the Paragon NTFS and mount them in the disk utility (I couldn't mount them before) Thank you for your help
  5. I'm using Mac OS Sierra dual boot with Windows 10. Past tense. I WAS seeing my other drives my NTFS drives. But today they seem to be gone. I can see them in the disk utility but they are greyed out. Please help me. Thank you
  6. I definitely booted under UEFI Can you check my EFI? I have attached it below EFI2.zip
  7. I have configured the BIOS like that My problem is: CLOVER (of USB) exist Apfsdriversloader.efi when select USB boot from the startup menu, the black screen will appear, no Clover menu CLOVER (of USB) not exist Apfsdriversloader.efi when select USB boot from the startup menu, boot normally
  8. I replaced it with the ones you sent, but it was not fixed CLOVER.zip
  9. Need help, When I booting OS X Mojave Installer from USB, it doesn't show anything. Only black screen, no boot logs although boot with arg -v I have attached EFI, AIDA64 Report bellow Dell Ins 3558/ i5 5200U/ HD 5500 I used config.plist from https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Clover-Laptop-Config Thanks. EFI.zip Report.htm.zip
  10. Hi, When my hackintosh startup, the screen brightness is always low (~ 70%) even though I have set it to the maximum before My laptop Dell Ins 15 3558/i5 5200U/HD 5500 Thanks
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