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  1. Hi, you can't use my Clover folder as I have different machine than yours ! ( mine is HP 15" 250g6 intel corei5 7200u HD620) The only things you could try is kexts
  2. sure can share Clover folder : see attached file ---> CLOVER.zip Actually this HP laptop is quite inexpensive and one can swap DVD player for caddy 2,5" HD adaptor ( which is like 5 euros) and there is also an M2 slot if we ever want to install such flash drive in. And quite easy to turn into a multi-boot machine !
  3. ok well I remember for me not many things worked but keyboard, lan, and other few things after I've made my own post install with clover configurator, then I 've found RehabMAn's config.plist repo and this is where I got mine which has quite everything working now. I took the one I'm using by choosing in his list : kabylake+ intel HD620 . Now I've got battery status, full graphics, sound, backlight etc... You should give it a try
  4. Hi I got different hp250g6 machine but with i5 7200u and IGPU HD 620. Anyway I made touchpad work by installing : 1 -> in Clover/kexts/other : VoodooI2C.kext 2-> in S/L/Prefpanes : switched Mojave's "Trackpad.prefPane" for El Capitan "Trackpad.prefPane" For Battery I've installed in Clover/kexts/other : ACPIBatteryManager.kext
  5. hi could you tell what are your BIOS settings please ? Cant get to advance BIOS on my 250g6, did you use special keys other than F10 ? thx
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