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HP Envy13 (2nd Generation, 13-AB001NG) i5-7200U Issues


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trying to get HP Envy13 (2nd Generation, 13-AB001NG) with i5-7200U running nicely.

Currently I do not have DSDT patched. What I would like to get work would be:


- Battery Status

- Synaptics Touchpad (tried v4.5, v4.6, v4.6.5, v4.7 beta3 without success, with VoodooPS2... it works as mouse)

- Sound


Did someone get this work on that System?


P.S.: I am on BIOS Version F23 Rev. A and Mojave Version 10.14.5


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Hi I got different hp250g6 machine but with i5 7200u  and  IGPU HD 620.

Anyway I made touchpad work by installing :

1 -> in Clover/kexts/other : VoodooI2C.kext

2-> in S/L/Prefpanes : switched Mojave's "Trackpad.prefPane" for El Capitan "Trackpad.prefPane"

For Battery I've installed in Clover/kexts/other : ACPIBatteryManager.kext

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Thanks, Aikido, TouchPad now works, but not with VoodooI2C but with SmarttouchPad v4.6.5 and the old PrefPane from ElCapitan. Many thanks for this Hint!


BatteryStat still not works and is still not shown - installed ACPIBatteryManager-Kext version 1.90.1

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ok well I remember for me not many things worked but keyboard, lan, and other few things after I've made my own post install with clover configurator,  then I 've found RehabMAn's  config.plist repo and this is where I got mine which has quite everything working now. I took the one I'm using by choosing in his list :  kabylake+ intel HD620 .

Now I've got battery status, full graphics, sound, backlight etc...

You should give it a try

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sure can share Clover folder :

see attached file --->



Actually this HP laptop is quite inexpensive  and one can swap DVD player for caddy 2,5" HD adaptor ( which is like 5 euros) and there is also an M2 slot if we ever want to install such flash drive in.  And quite  easy to turn into a multi-boot machine !

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