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  1. Thank, I followed by this topic but I could not empty trash. After I used Tuxera repair this partition and I could delete it.
  2. Hi, I can't empty trash. I uninstalled the Ondrive and Vmware Fusion application. Can everybody help me? Thank!
  3. Hi, I using Mojave 10.14.6, everything is good but the battery indicator isn't good. After 1 minute, down from 30% to 5% and 0%, I can use laptop to 30 minute. Can you help me fix it? Thank
  4. I using Mojave, but I use config file of Catalina. Can I choose Default boot is Catalina? Thank,
  5. Hi, Now, If I don't choose boot then my laptop will don't run next. Could I choose boot default after a time delay if I didn't choose boot? Thank!
  6. Can you give me full kext for DW1560 (BCM94352Z). Thank!
  7. Thank, but I only want to disable while I connect a USB mouse. Please.
  8. Hi, I install follow this guide. Can I disable touchpad? Please, Thanks
  9. Can I use Carbon Copy Cloner to backup macOS and after I use Terabyte Image to copy Windows? Thank!
  10. I did it follow to the instructions: but I have different question: Can I backup all macOS and Windows? Thank!
  11. Dear everyone, I want to use dual boot macOS and Win10 but I dont know to do. Can you help me? Thank.
  12. Dear all, I use mojave. When I connect laptop with projecter (use HDMI port), I have a problems: Only show screen on Project, screen of laptop dont display and I couldnt control it. I just press Power buton to shutdown. This is EFI file: EFI.zip Plz help me. Thanks!
  13. Dear all, Plz help me! Can I use DW1820A BCM94350ZAE for E7470? Thank!
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