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  1. I had a problem where my disks didn't show up in clover anymore after updating to 10.15.4. at first it did work, but them it stopped. So I went back to Linux for a while, really short time


    Now Iwant to install it again. I made a new bootable usb with the new image 10.15.4, got my old uefi folder, changed the kexts to the ones Jake provided in this thread, updated lilu and weg, but no luck. I can boot to the USB, select the install disk but I get stuck at the apple logo without any loading bar or so.


    Any ideas why?


    Edit: I may know what is causing the issue. The clover in my efi folder is 5093, the right one should be 5107...

    How can I update the clover for my bootable USB? I tried installing clover from a real macbook, but I cannot open it because it says something about read-write permissions. It's probably trying to read/write the real macbook efi, which I definitely don't want it to.


    How can I properly update the clover installation and keeping the config that used to work for me? thanks



    edit2: is it a good call for me to try make it work with opencore? 


  2. @Hervé I checked for wake options in BIOS, they are all disabled. 

    I'll clean my ssd conectors to check if helps



    3 min ago I just got another panic, which froze my entire system. That's the second since I've installed macOS. 

    I don't have a lot of ideas why, but here's the "report for apple" 




    edit: Nop, cleaning the conectors didn't resolve the issue.

    I'll try to reinstall clover whenever I have time, I think it's a problem with it somehow. These kind of things usually happened to me while testing other/wrong efi folders. The only weird thing is that they took that long to start happening, and matched me messing around with kext..


  3. well, I did something that's making my e5440 kinda crazy

    when booting, often it says that there's no bootable device. Or, boot to clover and there are no disks, OR, go to clover, boot to disk but got a prohibit sign, OR, boots normally. Usually takes 5 tries to get it working, some of them making it boot from "Mac OS X" via one-time boot menu, but it doesn't fix all the time.


    What I did was:

        In /Library, there were the Extensions folder and a folder called Extensios or something like that, when I opened it, it had a Content folder, just like a .kext file. Well, I assumed I made something wrong in the past and mistyped that, so I deleted the folder.

        Copied the CodecCommander.kext and DisableTurboBoostBattery_2.3.kext from my efi/clover.../copytole, just to make sure I didn't made a mistake with them, considering that extensios folder..


        Googled how to repair the kext permissions from the cmdline, found out:


    sudo chmod -Rf 755 /S*/L*/E*

    sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E*

    sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /S*/L*/E*

    sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E*

    sudo kextcache -i /


        Did those commands, but after that, I found one of from Herve here in the forum that was


    sudo chmod -Rf 755 /S*/L*/E*

    sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E*

    sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /S*/L*/E*

    sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E*

    sudo touch -f /S*/L*/E* sudo touch -f /L*/E* sudo kextcache -Boot -U /


     Well, I did them as well, just to make sure



    Now my computer is crazy 😛 


    Any ideas why and/or what can I do to fix it?

    Also, I did those hibernation commands that @Jake Lo recommended above

  4. @Jake Lo I think I've used those commands already, but I did it again and will come back with more details soon.


    I tested my headphones just to check if I had no problems like our friend @CheBoludos, it worked fine in one youtube video. Then I opened another tab and I got not more sound hahaha I'll try to catch up with what you've done che, any doubts I will come back here 😛


    Also, I'm buying a dw1510 wifi card, because dw1550 was so expensive for me :c Do you guys think it will be alright for me? 

  5. I'm looking for buying a 1/2 mini pci-e card for my e5440 laptop. I'm also looking to buying more of one to re-sell here in Brazil, because we don't have good options in here. I'm using Catalina and one of the requirements is that it works in Catalina 😛


    I was looking to dw1510, which is really cheap. I know it doesn't have ac wifi, nor 4.1 Bluetooth, but how fast is it's wifi?

    Is there any better cheap wifi chips compared to the dw1510?


    Also, one of the most important question, does those wifi chips works on any branded laptop or they are somehow incompatible?


  6. @Jake Lo

    Holy molly, you're a god! 
    Thank you so freaking much for your support man. 
    Thanks to you I've a complete working E5440 w/ mac OS now. jezzzzzzzzzz


    Is there anything I can do to help other users or even yourself? 



    About the wifi's drivers, the ones we use today (broadcom, etc) are all provided by the owner and Intel don't make them for macOS or the drivers are developed "in-house" by the community and Intel has a major issue that makes it impossible to make a driver for?

    If the first one is true(just happens that intel don't make them to macos), I can maybe give a shot and have a side project were I can try to develop one.


    I mean, I never exactly did a true/real driver, but I have the knowledge in OS/kernel development. I have done some kind of driver to a virtualized machine where I had to deal with the packets comming in, so I was responsible for creating and managing the systems interrupts caused by it, as well as deal with the data almost in real time otherwise the packet was lost.


    It's just a matter of understanding a little bit more about the protocols(i'll have a class this semester and the next for this), the wifi hardware itself and about drivers in macOS, which should be something really close to linux, so I'm basically at home haha


    If things ain't simple like that and someone already tried and failed, please let me know ahead, so I check the failure docs and if there's no  real way, I won't even waste my time 😛 



    Again, thank you very much

  7. @Jake Lo


    I probably deleted things I shouldn't. 


    So, I've reinstalled again with the old pendrive / uefi, then I've installed clover into the ssd as by the tutorial already mentioned, then I've replaced the clover folders with the ones you gave me.


    I've copied the kexts inside the copytoLE folder to my /Library/Extension and re-did the permissions thing 




    Almost everything looks to be working fine, except for the trackpad. I mean, it's working, but I need to push my finger kinda hard for it to recognize I'm touching it. Even gestures are  working. Any way to decrese this "force" required for it to work?


    One additional thing is whenever the computer is "sleeping" it turns back on from time to time, I was sleeping and this thing kept awakening during the night and I don't think that was a ghost 😛 (i mean, I hope isn't Steve Jobs mad at me, may he rest in peace) 



  8. @Jake Lo Thnaks, I'm replacing it in my efi folder and will test it soon.

    Just one question: I may have fu*** up already and I used kext wizard to install all of the previous kext present in the efi folder into my Local Extensions, should I delete them all from there and copy/install only those inside the copytoLE folder?

    Here's all my kexts inside the Local Extension (just the olds, didnt copied the new ones inside your copytoLE folder yet) (all kexts in Local Extensions ) 


    after reboot and still without copying the files to LE

    -screen brightness is working :DDD 

    - external monitor is working via hdmi (didn't tested that before)

    didn't noticed anything other than that



  9. Should I use that usbInjectAll? I got them from some youtube video, the guy had the efi/kexts ready for all Exx40 ready, sounded good for me haha

    To replace a kext, it's simply changing them in the efi/clover folder and putting them under /system/extensions....? 

    One additional thing I've noticed right now, there's no way to reduce the screen brigthness, my eyes are burniiiiingggg ahhaha

  10. Yeah, its a intel :(
    I will replace it asap. 


    About the clover, I did it :DDD Followed the guide that was mentioned in this thread (here), replaced the uefi folder and used kext utility to install all the kexts presents in the uefi folder. 


    Seems to be working 99%, sometimes when booting, I got a prohibit symbol, not sure why. It's fixed trying again or selection the preboot partition in clover instead of the "normal" one. 


    The only true thing thats getting me mad is the trackpad. All my kext are 












    Am I missing something that could potentially fix the prohibition (using -v, it shows that the read file command returned 0x07 and the boot failed due to this)

    And/or fix the bad movement of the trackpad? I mean, it's working, but looks like it's really not sensitive (not in speed), if I gentle swipe my finger in it, it doenst move the cursor at all, but if I increase the contact area, it works fine (if I swipe my finger on it's side or push a finger harder into it)


  11. I've found a UEFI ready for e5440. I've used it and I'm now typing from my catalina e5440 (sharing my android network via bluetooth)


    I'm still booting via pendrive because I don't know exactly which version of clover should I be using. All the ones I tried told me that this version of macOS is not supported. Any ideas?


    Also, the trackpad kinda works, but it's really bad, it only moves the cursor with a big surface are touching it, like my thumb or so.


    Last but not least, my wifi is not working. I've found a post that someone made it work, but I'm not sure how.

    I trying to use that guy kexts, but  ' don't really know the process to change mines I've installled some of his kext via kext wizard, than udated the permissions and cache. However, nothing happened. Not sure if because I'm booting via pen drive still. Ah, I've put them under the kext folder of the pendrive as well. but it didn't work


    Looks like I'm almost there, my first working installation yay

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