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  1. Hey @Hervé I have finally solved my Appstore issue after visiting the FAQ section...it wasn't connecting to the appstore because of the new wifi adapter that I"ve recently started using...Now my problem is solved..Thanks a bunch for the help
  2. @Hervé can u pls provide a link of that dedicated thread related to my specific problem???
  3. Sorry @Jake Lo due to some family problems I couldn't access my phone or laptop for a while...I've tried changing the serial number but it doesn't help...I don't know how to check the en0 en1....and i don't use ethernet cable connection for internet use...I use a tp-link wifi adapter
  4. I have previously installed 2 apps from the Appstore but suddenly what happened idk...my appstore stopped working...i found this issue when I was about to update my installed apps...I have tried signing out from appstore...but now it doesn't even sign in...it says "Appstore error occured" or "Can not connect to the appstore"...but my other icloud stuff like iMessage and Factime works fine...only the Appstore doesn't....is there any fix for this issue??
  5. I have the same laptop Dell Inspiron 5570...and this DSDT.aml works fine for my hackintosh Mojave...u can try replacing ur DSDT.aml with this one: DSDT.zip
  6. Hey Jake I have tried all the layout ids available for my laptop...most of them fixed the internal audio but not the headphones...only two layout ids(11&21) fixed the audio along with the headphones...but then also when u plugin in headphones everything works fine except the headphone mic...the internal mic works fine though...i think there is no way fixing the headphone's mic issue for my laptop as I have tried all the layout ids....Well np I can get along with this as its not a major issue for me. Again thankuuu sooo much for helping me this much....further if I have any problems i'll let u know...stay blessed!
  7. Also to add my to my problem..i forgot to check the mic when the headphones are plugged in due to excitement...but now I've noticed that when I plug in my headphones...then only the internal mic works...the headphone mic is not recognized and do not work...here have a look: When headphones are plugged in.zip
  8. Hey Jake you right...there is no battery kext in /E/C/K/Other cz while updating the kexts via clover configurator specifically while updating the VirtualSMC.kext there came a lot of optiond like SMCbatterymanager....SMCcpu...SMCIO...and many more...I was confused so i didn't update any of those...and after swapping the DSDT.aml with ur given one um having a lil bit battery issue...the battery drains fast and when the battery is 100% charged....and i plug out the charger....then always the battery jumps to 97/99% idk why...sometimes after unplugging the charger at full charge the battery turns out red and the mac says low battery...but when I plugin and plug out again then the problem fixes...I think these issues with my battery are happening bcz of my DSDT.aml that u gave....u might also take a look at my /L/E & and /S/L/E...i think there are alot of junks there :L:E.zip :S:L:E.zip
  9. Hey Jake thanks for helping me this much to solve my hackintosh problems....My headphone works fine now...I adding the ssdt and installing codeccomander in /L/E only didn't solve the problem I had to change the value from 56 to 11...then finally the problem was solved...Again thanks a bunch Jake...without your help it was quite impossible for me to build this perfect hackintosh...btw can u take another look in my kext/others folder??...i think I have a lot of unnecessary kext files that would better be removed...here's the ioreg file: NK's MacBook Pro(2).ioreg
  10. um a lil bit confused Jake...will i install the codec commander to system/libraby/extension or in libraby/extension ???...sorry to bother u for this kinda silly thing but um completely a beginer in this hackintosh world
  11. Do I have to install the codeccommander.kext with kext wizard??
  12. Btw can my headphone problem be fixed??...I can plugin USB mini speaker into the headphone port and use it...the speaker works perfectly fine but when I plugin any regular headphones...then it doesn't work...i have tried many headphones but none worked...is there any fix for that???
  13. Thanks a bunch again Jake...really without your help I could never fix my trackpad and turn this machine into a perfect hackintosh...I have enabled the dragging option but not with three fingers cz i use the three finger gestures for switching between pages in desktop....currently i have enabled dragging (without drag lock)...but i don't see any difference when i swith to dragging(with drag lock) here's the ss: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1q5U1GQKumDb3pyMFNEH0MaSPUf8ox7Xf....and here's the ioreg files: NK's MacBook Pro.ioreg
  14. Hey Jake thanks a bunch...my trackpad is fixed now https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KdKqLqGnnW4hwQvTc3FREz9fNBO_ydnB...everything gestures are workings fine...but previously when my touchpad was recognized as a mouse...I had the feature to select any item and dragging the item anywhere just by double taping and dragging anywhere...but now i don't have that feature...for dragging I have to select by clicking on the iten and dragging...any fix for this??...now my E/C/K/other file looks like this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jCKKJThtpwridMrg0eN4ydHjGStWN4l7....I have replaced the DSDT.aml and copied the VoodooIC2 and VoodooIC2HID from the latest VoodooIC2 v.2.4.2 latest released just 14hrs ago...that folder contained many other kexts like: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E8cSC6Ovu1X27snCdD_xWMv3Ey2ibvmf...do u think that any other kexts in this folder could be useful to me??
  15. Ok Jake i’ll try and let u know...btw are there specific VoodooI2C and VoodooI2CHID for my specific laptop??..or these work with every laptop??... and please can u provide link to the latest version of these two kexts??
  16. I am sorry for the reply Jake...thanks for looking into my problem...here's the ioreg file of my laptop: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1utpeifyQbaZDg8s0FRbbu9NaptpUqKhx
  17. I have installed Mojave 10.14.6 on my Dell Inspiron 5570, Intel i5-8250U 1.6ghz (KabyLake-R) , IGPU: Intel UHD620 , 8gb RAM with no dedicated gpu. I have installed the macos on dualboot in my laptop, pretty much everything works fine except for the trackpad. My laptop's trackpad is recognized by the mojave as a mouse rather than a trackpad. Can anyone please help me fix this issue with my trackpad, currently I am using this EFI: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11LiEtNiigMHaQt-1vBwwEbZdXEtByHSw?usp=sharing I would be very grateful if this trackpad issue is fixed asap, please excuse any gramatical/typing/any other mistakes done in the post. Thanks in advanced
  18. Hello gebele, I have the same trackpad issue as u had...can u provide me the ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext file that u've used to fix ur trackpad issued on Dell Inspiron 5570??
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