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  1. The EDP bootpack doesn't work well for me. When I install it, it stops at Step 6, where it says that myHack is finished, and the page keeps on reloading. I close safari, terminal, and then reboot the system, then realized that Chameleon doesn't have the OSXL theme or the apple logo. It just automatically boots into verbose mode. Then, I also realize that there isn't any sound. Also, if there is a fix for the Lion installation, it would be nice.
  2. 10.6 works perfectly fine. I'm also positive that my bios is A17. I am also trying to install 10.7, as 10.8 is not supported on the Intel D830.
  3. I think I am running the Dell Revision 17 BIOS. Where is the pinned thread. And also, I tried installing Snow Leopard, the installation hasn't hanged for at least 15 minutes already. Ill also be gone, so I probably wont be replying until Sunday. Ill report if the Snow Leopard installation has finished later on or Sunday.
  4. Sure, I clicked on the pad. That picture was taken hours after installation. I also tried all the working USB ports.
  5. Right, I formatted the drive again, ran myHack again to install the 10.7 Installation Drive, installed the 10.7 bootpack for Dell D830 Intel x3100 1920x1200, placed it back into my laptop, went into installation, formatted my hard drive, and tried to install it. After 2 minutes, the installation freezes. I left it there for a few hours to see what happens, and its just there. Here is a picture of the screen after a few hours:
  6. I am trying to install Lion. I'll try to reinstall the bootpack soon.
  7. I've now gotten into the installation. The only problem now is that it hangs/freezes during install or in disk utility, or sometimes the language selection thing.
  8. I'm pretty sure I used the right bootpack. I used the latest version of myHack. I don't want to delete a file off the file directory yet, so if there is something better, that will be nice.
  9. I did everything in the pre-installation, plugged in the USB drive, and booted it up, saw the chameleon bootloader, verbose mode, and then this. I have no idea what to do. I had built and installed lots Hackintoshes in the past, none had a problem.
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