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  1. upload your: Aida64 report hardware htm file + DSDT SSDT (origin by clover) + ioreg file. when free time, i will make your system better and better.
  2. work harder ! on hackintosh, not thing impossible
  3. i'm trying but Panic by EAPDFix ! something wrong ? about noise, i think hex patch on the fly was change. i'm not good on patch HDA but will try patch HDA again.
  4. if chameleon add PCIRootUID=yourPCIrootUID to bootflag. how to find yourPCIRootUID? : open DSDT find : OperationRegion (HBUS, PCI_Config you can see : OperationRegion (HBUS, PCI_Config, yourPCIRootUID, 0x0100)
  5. + your CPU is 800-2300Mhz is normal frequencies 2400-3300Mhz is turbo frequencies. OS X never show turbo frequencies on About this mac. + remember "nullCPU = never enable Speedstep", and clover never use nullCPU because we have AsusAICpuM patch on Config. + patch your DSDT to enable Full Speedstep - apply all system patch (if patch have multi version -> use lastest version). 1st research AppleIntelCPUManagementInfo.kext 2nd try research LegacyAGPM.kext or refer my K43SJ Clover Pack
  6. are you sure ? install both CodecCommander and EAPDFix ?
  7. you are welcome. i'm a nVidia hackintosher Bonus: and you can change SMBIOS to MBP6.2 but Board-id is MBP 10.1 to make Full SpeedStep like this: i5 2410M and this: and this: And if you want your nVidia Graphics run with best performance you must inject AGPM on FakeSMC. remember not only CPU have Speedstep but also GPU have Speedstep too (min is 2 step max is 4-6 step). trust me ! not change anything.
  8. work but not good when plug audio jack, sound was very noise
  9. change SMBIOS to MBP10.1 or try MP5.1 or try MP3.1 + inject nVidia and enable Legacy ROM (Legacy Boot) to load Graphics on Vesa Mode. if your boot loader is Chameleon add PCIRootUID=1 to boot flag.
  10. use SMBIOS MBP10.1 and remove nullCPU to solve black screen issue - it work on my K43Sj (only GT520M). + about USB 3.0 on El Capitan work only on intel XHCI module, never work on 3rd party. M4600 use NEC XHCI module - i'm so sorry.
  11. issue is M4800 have multi battery ( 1 build in bat + 1 docking bat ). + build in bat it native with ACPIBattery by Rehabman. + docking bat is can not inject by ACPIBattery . so when you look at statusbar, if icon pin is disable, that when docking bat was inject. ( exactly : boot -> build in Bat inject -> docking bat inject overide -> docking bat icon on status )
  12. Same on My M4800 K1100M. but issue is "black screen".
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