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  1. Found the solution in another thread. What's weird is on my E5420, I was able to add the boot entry even with the ESP being FAT32, but I guess it doesn't load Clover fully due to this bug. Reformatted the ESP to FAT16 and it works now.
  2. Got Yosemite installed with everything working on my E5420. Swapped wifi for a DW1510 and used an E5x20 bootpack I found on the forum here. The system boots fine using Clover from my install USB, but not from the hard drive. I have copied the EFI folder from the USB to the FAT32 formatted ESP on my hard drive. Went into BIOS (version A14), switched boot mode to UEFI, and added boot entry for Cloverx64.efi. upon reboot, the laptop boots into Clover just fine, even using the theme i selected, but no bootable partitions are detected. I have Hfsplus.efi in the drivers64UEFI folder, and the whole EFI/Clover folder structure is identical to the one on my USB, which works. Any ideas what could be causing this issue?
  3. I initially was inclined to donate to help out OSXLatitude, but after reading the emails, I don't want these guys to "win" and get any money from this community.
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