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  1. me personaly the easiest way to reflash my bios was to install windows on say a 40g hard drive and just download the bios update from dell and install as an a exe. file ,. now you can only do this as an update as a A14 or higher you cant downgrade a bios to an earlier version ,. I did somewhere a while back write about I used an cd with a windows dos program to create a bios recoverable cd cause I did the same mistake with A17 and cound not downgrade at the time , but its been ages and I forgot the name but it did work like a charm , but honestly the windows .exe is the easiest and best way
  2. Ok so far Ive done 5 using the simple oven method same result works great ,. except the other day one went bad on me ,about the same time a friends D630 went bad same issue . For me it turns out that bringing a warm laptop from inside the house out to the cold without a laptop bag or anything to protect it from the elements is enough to crack the solder connection. So I dismounted them and back in the oven it went ,. this time I removed the blue heat pads that pretty much just crumbled away and replaced them with 2 pennys (I used 2 us pennys dated before 1980 when they used to be made of pure copper, the new ones are made of plated zinc) sanded the sided down as flat as I could , I added thermal grease from radio shack ,(the cheap $3 stuff that comes in a tube not the expensive artic silver )the pennies were slightly loose but once it heats up its as good as glue,. The fan i clean then spray it down with lubricant or WD40 and wipe clean Then finally I had a roll of 3M flexible bandage tape thats kind of like a flexible thin foam material (left over from my surgery),. I taped the bottom of the MB where the problem is to better insulate it,.(i also use a small piece on the hard drive for a tighter fit (to protect from shock shock and to quiet it down some) and on the speaker where it makes contact with the keyboard as well as the fan (just in top of the shell,dont block any air flow ) Now runs ultra quiet,. been running it vigorously then taking it outside at full cpu usage ,. so far stays cool and no issues I also cover my lid with carbon fiber 3M di-noc (just for looks,. but when I disassemble the screen(there are two pieces of aluminum tape about 1"x3" I tape a sheet of aluminium foil to it that covers the size of the back plate ,. that has increased my wifi signal at least 5 fold Some times you just gotta go ghetto,. and do what works out of simple rational conclusions , good luck,. with you adventure
  3. Check which WIFI card you have by removing the strip above the keyboard and unscrewing the keyboard if its a 3945ABG,. replace it with a DW1490 ,. also in bios make sure your hard drive is in ahci and not in sata ,. only thing I can think of
  4. I had a similar issue with hooking up a projector , with me it was adjusting the resolution on the display since the output was only 1440x900 and a higher external monitor might not self adjust to display ,but then again that was with 10.6 now with Lion Im not sure but hey still worth a shot.,
  5. Recently Ibought a D630 on Ebay with the Nvidea issue (just mainly for the processor I wanted to upgrade my 1.8 to a 2.1 plus the case was more of a decent shape than mine,to my surprise,it came with a bluetooth,and a dw1940 wifi card ,screen was also in decent shape,. So I figured why not lets Betty Crocker this thing,.. First thing I did (1)is completely remove the motherboard then peeled back all the protective stickers (the black plastic ones since the will just bubble and warp,. including the one on the PCI card if you can,mine melted a little no big deal (the yellow ribbon left on was fine)you can restick them back afterwards) (2) preheat your oven to 385 degrees (it will heat at a higher temp to reach this,.At 400 things will start to burn) (3) some people use aluminium foil and little wads of aluminum to level the board ,I didn't bother since its pretty flat anyway I just placed mine same side up on a grey nonstick baking sheet on the rack which sits about center in the oven (4) let sit for exactly 9 min. (cleaned the dried gunk off the cpu and heatsink while waiting) (5) Removed it at 9min and let it as still as possible until cool mine cooled in 14 min (6) replace stickets and fresh thermal paste,. install (7) A BoTa BooM, A BoTa Bing ,.I Cant believe this crap works ,.Im Actually writing from this right now ,.will use this as my daily and repost back in 6months to let you how its held up,much thanks for the post !!!
  6. Oh,. I could never get it to boot from modular bay , Ive tried ,.and failed,.not sure what the transfer rate is ,but not that all different from from a usb with 2 hubs used,. the battery module is awesome ,.does give an honest 4 hrs,.(depending on use of-course) ,.also relatively cheap on ebay,.Just try to remember the Front Bus Speed is only at 800, so you can only do so much to improve speed
  7. Yup, Runs like a charm, I use a Kingston 128 ssd, along with a hitachi 750g running a 7200 rpm, also works with modular floppy and modular battery once in a while but not that often I have to verify and repair permissions in disk utility,. but Its never failed, Id say go for it, my specs are 2.5 processor ,8g of ram(though I firmly believe anything more than 4 is a waste) 128 SSD, 750 modular,. 360 blutooth , 1490 broadcom ,.90 watt power adaptor (dont use the 65w) and running 10.7.4 good luck-
  8. Try first to update your bios to A17 the easiest way is to install windows and run the .exe fron the dell support site, second make sure in your bios your HD is switched to ACPI and not ATA ,. and I usually always use the apple battery and keyboard option ,I tend to find less problems with this but to each their own its all trial and error good luck
  9. try installing Little Snitch, that should make it easier to monitor whether its safari or itunes trying to search for updates that might be causing this panic personally I just prefer google chrome as a browser, less issues
  10. Personally Ive been running my hackintosh for over a year now , once ive settled confortable with what ive got and what I could do with it , I never found a reason to upgrade or expand , my advice would be get a small ,cheap harddrive like a 60/80 or 120 g , learn the lingo , read and google, start from scratch, that way you dont compromise loosing anything but time , but once you go mac , its hard to go back ,.. especially when it comes down to MIDI. now running snow leopard 10.6.7 with all the music goodies , garage/logic/ alberton live ,and FL in parallels usin korg nano controllers , with a dell D630/nvidia,. well worth the headaches at the end of it all.
  11. why not just clone your D620 and just reinstall chameleon , as for me I used leppys boot 123 cd then the EPD required
  12. under processes in system monitor its showing up as intel(64 bit) under kind ,.average idel with vlc running mkv movie ,google chrome on youtube and garage band open free; 6.22gb wired 626.6 mb active 693.2 mb inactive 504.2mb used 1.78 gb
  13. To be honest with you im not sure, both processors are showing up as being present , but have no idea where to look for the info just know that its 10.6.7 if it helps will try later on to install lion and try it out
  14. specs are 8G ram @667 MHZ/ processor=2.5GHZ /Nvidia / bios= A17 , although Ive ran 8G of ram on A14 bios(same difference) SSD= kingston SSD NOW V+128g (ultra quiet,never gets hot) hope this helps
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