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  1. Read this post regarding boot pack.
  2. Strange the shutdown fix should work. Anyways try this DSDT: dsdt-shutdown.aml.zip Just rename it to dsdt.aml and replace in /Extra/
  3. As fare as I remember this is because DVD Player expects internal drive but OSX sees it as external. You can patch DVD Player by replacing Internal instances with External (in HEX ofcourse). Google DVD Player external patch for a solution or just forget about DVD Player and use VLC. But the patching is simple. Search for all 496E7465726E616C and replace with 45787465726E616C in DVD Players binary.
  4. Try DSDT for D830 with Graphicenabler=yes
  5. I have updated my DSDT.aml for: - some apple friendly device names changes - better graphic performance on battery - some _SUN for PCI devices - SD-Card reader injection (hope this will help initializing the reader) - Firewire injection - AHCI now defined as ICH10 for SATA dsdt-mariusz2.aml.zip
  6. Yes there is. You must do some essential edits to your vanilla dsdt: HPET, PCI, RTC, IRQ's cleanup, etc Extract your dsdt.aml from debian and compare it against my dsdt, you will have a general idea what was changed. I recomend you use this DSDT editor.
  7. Here You go: AppleIntelE1000e.kext.zip
  8. The lan kext is 64bit specific, it won't run in 32bit. You can search for older version here and there or use this.
  9. 1. Choose whatever method for preparing USB Lion install media (I favor myHack) 2. Add content of a boot pack to the install media 3. boot and install Here is my boot pack for your Lion install USB pen: bootpack-e6X00.zip
  10. Have you tried DSDT from this post?
  11. OK last chance. I have cleaned the GMA injection- try this dsdt with GraphicEnabler=Yes if it's ok, add this to /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> dsdt-d630-clean.aml.zip
  12. Try this one and report any success or failure dsdt-d630-highres.zip
  13. High and Low Resolution is a simple DSDT edit: For High resolution you need: "AAPL01,DualLink", Buffer (0x04) { 0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 } This should be sorted out in next EDP release. (I guess) I see CRC has right DSDT for you in this post.
  14. Mariusz


    I know this is old but at least it will be answered: /System/Library/Extensions/IOSerialFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleWWANSupport2.kext
  15. To fix it you should use Kernel Flag npci=0×2000 or apply dsdt fix for Device (PCI0): change line: Name (_ADR, Zero) with this: Name (_UID, Zero)
  16. My bad. I have fixed the file name inside SLE.zip and updated first post.
  17. I guess moderator should move this to some other place.
  18. Yes you have the same configuration as me (minus the Intel wifi) so yes it will work. Just remember to replace wifi with dell wireless 1510 or other compatible one and You are good to go.
  19. You need real mac serial number. Here are some serial numbers from MacbookPro5,5 I guess I'll edit the post to save users from this.
  20. Mariusz

    E6420 research thread

    This is not vanilla DSDT, but anyways I can see that it is a totally different structure comparing to my E6400. Your dsdt look like it was treated by some kind of auto patcher. Do speedstep, shutdown, restart works? I encourage you to update your post and add more details/specs about your hardware, what kexts you are using etc. You can use my E6400 thread as a template. Keep up the good work.
  21. Mariusz

    E6420 research thread

    Hi Stork. Nice to see Your research on E6420. To be honest I was thinking about getting one but I've got E6400 1/3 the price so it was no brainier witch one to choose I'm interested in DSDT differences. Dump clean DSDT.aml from linux and share. Anyways good luck.
  22. Good to have another E6400 NVS160m user here. I agree - use legit copy - I have bought Lion on my iTunes account. I'm waiting on how you will progress in OSX install, a specially in case of sleep with your T9600 CPU. Also it is good to know that Atheros AR5B91 works out of box - do test it against Lion and confirm that. As for tutorial You can use the one on wiki more or less - this will work for SL and Lion. All you basically need is chameleon pen drive with dsdt and fakesmc.kext (if you use external USB keyboard/mouse) - I'll share mine on the second post soon. Also I encourage all users to update their signature and include simple hardware/software specs of theirs OSXLatitudes.
  23. OK I have a working SD Card Reader with new VoodooSDHC.kext now. (posts updated) What interests me now is why you are unable to put your laptop to sleep. Share more info about your BIOS ver and configuration, maybe I could replicate your config and see if mine won't go to sleep to.
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