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  1. Interesting find and I do agree about using ones own DSDT. I guess D420's solo do differ, what bios ver you have there?. Please apply your vanilla DSDT dump to this topic. Thanks
  2. Yes this was cause you used debugging enabled revision + you don't need ATI5000Enabler.dylib in modules. Try AnVAL. BTW I have eddited my DSDT post now for D630/D830/D530. I'll add X3100 injeciton soon.
  3. This is due to chameleon is lowering bus speed. I have fixed this by using latest slice branch AnVAL (AnVAL5.1.4.zip). But slice's branch will fix this to.
  4. I have a borrowed D830 nvidia to play with. Tomorrow I'll update my d630/d530 dsdt post and add d830 dsdt for you to check it out. Stay tuned.
  5. yes assigning IRQ 0, 8, 11, 15 to HPET fixes the USB , but I don't feel to good about this solution right now.
  6. Try using my Extra folder and dsdt from this thread (remember to rebuild)
  7. Mariusz

    New FakeSMC

    Just tried it and I see this strange (-) value
  8. Mariusz

    New FakeSMC

    Just tried it and now I see no Airport and only one CPU sensor. Tried both combination ACPIMonitor + IntelThermal and ACPIMonitor + IntelCPUMonitor. Right now I'm using ACPIMonitor + IntelCPUMonitor cause I get the extra voltage sensor.
  9. Mariusz

    New FakeSMC

    I have tried your corrections. Few comments/questions: - I like what you did with OSID method - nice and simple now. I was impersonating Windows 2006 as Darwin before. - Can you tell me what is the purpose for moving those three IO's from MB2 to PIC device? - I have tried the FSAM device with your ACPIMonitor but this worked for a while (extra cpu heat sink in sensors) and stopped. - I see Airport Card sensor with no value - strange
  10. It is going to be boom here, amazing there, puff, gorgeous, boom again, amazing
  11. At this point I can't say I see any. You are all safe to test it out
  12. Ehhh it is not that bad. I'm using it (10J842) on my D430 all is good.
  13. I have forgot to add that this dsdt is far from perfect and not finished (I guess I'll update the post now) Yes I know the USB EHCI problem - I'm just not a big fan assigning resources in HPET and right now I'm experimenting to find out more elegant solution. I always start with no IRQ's in HPET. The CMOS reset is another thing related to that. Proper cpu and ram detection can be defined in smbios.plist or by using better boot loader (like latest Slice branch - detects all just fine) To have external display you must force display detection (and force detect when cable is disconnected). Resume from sleep trigers the strange 777777 until you press any key to stop it. VoodooHDA needs to be restarted after resume from sleep to have a working mic. Strange the mic is not working for you at all? -double check that. Also do check if the modem you see in Network is not the Serial port - cause this is another anomaly
  14. Yes I know. I just wanted to experiment on older dsdt to see how its performing and make an update to see if the changes are actually doing something if anything at all. How is the dsdt file performing on Your D630?
  15. For my quick look logic the code looks good... But maybe this will help tracking this case. Just tried the revision 691 and with GraphicEnabler=Yes and Graphic Mode set to 1280x800x32 I have a proper resolution when I do this simple steps: I enter the text mode during boot (pressing TAB) and go back to correct (1280x800) graphic mode. This is the same case with my D430 on GMA950 and D630 with X3100. Maybe you can track it down by checking the old GraphicsEnabler.dylib and Resolution.dylib code. Just a thought. PS. Attached bdmesg log bdmesg-D630-Mariusz.txt
  16. Right, thanks. It is included in D630_D530_X3100_Pack.zip from now on. (Post updated)
  17. Try pressing Alt+Q on registration.
  18. WARNING: This dsdt is far from perfect and not finished This is for Dell Latitude D630 X3100 1280x800 modell with Dell 1395 WiFi, D530 X3100 1400x1050 and D830 (both nVidia and X3100) What you get here is dsdt.aml file with my workshop /Extra folder for this specific model. Start by setting your bios to default and change to AHCI mode - that's it for now. Install Chameleon v2.0-RC5 r700 Copy /Extra folder to your disk root VoodooHDA.kext and AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext are meant to run in /System/Library/Extensions Download attached dsdt.aml file for your model and copy it to /Extra/ DSDT: - dsdt is based on fresh A09 dump. - Minimal X3100 graphic injection - some other fixes - Screen brightness and sleep by lid - Sleep works without bios password D630: - X3100 injection for 1280x800 - Dell 1395 WiFi injection D830: - X3100 injection (for GMA) - Dell 1395 WiFi injection D530: -X3100 injection for 1400x1050 All You D630/D530 Intel X3100 users do test this out and report here, thanks. dsdt_D530_x3100.aml.zip dsdt_D630_X3100_1280x800.aml.zip D630_D530_X3100_Pack.zip dsdt_D830_nVidia.aml.zip dsdt_D830_X3100.aml.zip dsdt_D830_X3100_1280x800.aml.zip
  19. It seems like the boot loader is expecting higher resolution display (mine is 1280x800). Cause I know this effect from faulty AAPL01,DualLink injection. Resolution up to 1280x800: "AAPL01,DualLink", Buffer (0x04) { 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, For higher resolution "AAPL01,DualLink", Buffer (0x04) { 0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 },
  20. I'm testing it on D630 X3100 without dsdt in /Extra a. user interaction is needed during boot (flashing "\") stops - at this point pressing any key continues booting | deleting ATI5000Enabler.dylib fixes it b. Auto resolution is not working during boot (standard 1024x768) - adding Graphic Mode = 1280x800x32 has no result c. black screen in graphic mode (with and without GraphicsEnabler=Yes)
  21. Try Chameleon v2.0-RC5 r656
  22. Try different boot loader
  23. Now this is cool boot screen! Attach the file for Others to use it - thanks
  24. I guess I should join the happy apple logo bios community to I'm using the non dsdt version. You are all safe to flash as long as you are using the Dell flasher included in first post.
  25. Nice mod. What drive is this? (give more details)
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