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  1. Thanks, Jake. Let me update what is my current position. I follow the steps to use clover EFI to install a new hard. I use 10.9.3. It installs with no problem. However, I am still unable to boot to the first configuration screen without going back to safe mode. I have put in various kexts (VoodooHDA, USB), DSDT and SSD back to the EFI/Clover directory Use clover configurator to configure the config.plist What I have now is No QE/CI despite i inject my id-platform-id into the config.plist or during clover boot up It shows 7MB ram. Other works well. Sound - ok. Keyboard and mouse work, Bluetooth - no error; Intel E1000 works Is there something strange with my built in display card? It does not show up correctly in DCPIManager. My specs is Latitude E7240 CPU i7-4600U Screen is just 1920x1080 touch screen but I understand touch screen is under a USB Amxel device.
  2. DSDT.aml.zip I finally try on clover efi boot loader but not yet able get graphics acceleration. I still got 7 MB ram and no kext loaded. I am not able to fixed the dsdt.aml. Could some one help out to patch my dsdt.aml?
  3. Look like I shall prepare a clover installer and try. However, my windows 8 is not created with UEFI support. Need to google and read more first
  4. Look interesting. Let try
  5. Could you help to patch my E7240 with CPU- i7-4600U GPU- Intel 4400 Screen - 1920x 1080 touch. I am stuck at the screen QE/CI as I could boot at safe mode only with the original AppleIntelHD drivers.
  6. I have a fresh installation again yesterday with Mavericks 10.9.3 now with the old 10.9.2. drivers from Jake. Unfortunately, it is about the same. Boot into GUI needs safe mode. The screen can still resize and adjust brightness I will need some time to try various Ig injection. My existing E6220 is however able to update seamlessly into 10.9.3
  7. It is from a safe boot of 10.9.1. the AppleIntelHD5000Graphics.kext are already in S/L/E. As mentioned, I have use myHack to install a new 10.9.0, 10.9.1 and 10.9.2 images to test. All showed similar results.
  8. Do you think this is unusual? It shows display port
  9. I try by two ways 1. changing the value of IntelAzubFB 2. changing the values of ig plateform by putting in the 8 hex values I am using chamelion boot loader and really don't understand how to use clover. Reasons behind is primilarly dual boot with Windows 8. I have been confident in using Chamelion bootloader in other machines In my E6220, the clover bootloader works and prompts me the different HD partitions to select. But the same boot in E7240 prompts me a screen to configure and unable to boot. I think I am close to the success but need more help. Also I have tried to create new OSx partition from 10.9.0, 10.9.1 and 10.9.2 with same results of not able to drive the screen acceleration.
  10. I try all the platform id and all do not work for my e7240.
  11. Is it possible to patch my e7240 dsdt with your patches? I got 23 errors after applying your patches and not sure how to do.
  12. Is it possible to possible your DSDT and SSDT files? Other kexts and config files if possible. Thanks
  13. I tried to use a 10.9.0 Mavericks to test. Same result that I can't make QE/CI work. However, I notice the connection now showed as Display port. I am wondering if the order of the display matters. It seems that the graphics driver may start the display port or HMDI first. Can we start the built in at the beginning? PLease accept my ignorance if I am wrong.
  14. Interesting. Can I have the display kext of 10.9.1 to try? I do not install EFI partition and hence am unable to use clover
  15. Could you share your settings again? I cannot have display properly set up as QE/CI My E7240 is just having i7-4600U CPU and a 1920x1080 touch panel.
  16. Which Kexts to retrieved from ML? IOSerial, Cellphonehelper and other?
  17. My card is shown up properly in system profiler under WWAN section of Network. Only I cannot add the WWAN card during network configuration. the WWAN logo also showed up at the top menu task bar.
  18. Should be in this /S/L/E/Cellphonehelper.kext
  19. I think one may look for a 4G card but difficult to get it work for OSX. I have a Sierra Wireless and after changing cellphonehelper.kext, it is recognized but not able to get the WWAN configuration up from the network configuration
  20. Try 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 but the same result
  21. Noe no dsdt and use 12 for intelAzulFB Only AppleIntelFramebufferAziul loaded
  22. Yes. GraphicsEnabler=Yes.
  23. An update. Chamelion svn 2377 installed. Somehow I can get rid of the safe boot issue not yet able to have accelerated graphics but I can scale up and down resolution
  24. Look like the chipset of E7240 is similar to this, Asus UX301LA https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/5974-mavericks-1091-hm87-iris-5100-asus-ux301la/?p=32332
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