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  1. I try the drivers from 10.9.0 but no success
  2. Not succeeded. I try my "own created" DSDT - same result I try to use the 10.9.0 AppleIntelHD5000* drivers - same result If I have time, I may try to look at an older version of 10.9 and try again
  3. As a follow up, it does not work. Could it be related to the DSDT.aml? I am no good in editing the file.
  4. No. Only I remove the HD5000**.kext, then I can boot without -x I am trying again right now to restore the drivers back to /S/L/E and try again
  5. Can my display be HD5000? It shows as such on system profiler I am puzzled by this finding.
  6. Can I display HD5000? It shows as such on profiler
  7. I wonder I should take away HD5000 drivers from /SL/E. It seems to be the case if I don't want safe boot. However, I have tried several combination of GraphicsEnabler=No or IntelAzulFB=<value> but not ok. Surprisingly, sound comes out from internal speaker. More trials are needed
  8. Should I put back the HD5000 files into the /S/L/E and test on DSDT? Also no sound output? Help is appreciate.
  9. Found the problem. I got the system up when I take away the HD5000 display drivers from /S/L/E But Safari still flickers a lot. I got a full dump of my E7240 SystemChk_Output.zip
  10. I think it may be issued related to the display card. In my E7240, the user manual said it is Intel HD Graphics 4600 But most other suggest it is HD4400. I should go back to check again the id
  11. I use a newly created myHack and can install without problem. Only on reboot, i need to add -x to boot up. After that , without a -x, wait for root device. I use USB as root device in this testing
  12. It either wait at [PCI configuration or after [iOBluetooth The blue touch is found and installed. I am recreating a new USB myHack installer to do so again.
  13. Only once when i installed with the USB stick
  14. Here is the two dsdt files Archive.zip
  15. I still need to have -x to run. Unable to boot into normal mode only safe mode. Also my Safari is jerky and cannot install Adobe flash player. No sound as well.
  16. I have no permission to download. Please let me have a try. Thanks
  17. Updated. I am able to boot up when I take away the DSDT.aml. and use -x safe mode No sound. My config is E7240 i7-4600U with 6GB Ram, 256 GB SSD and 1920x1080 touch panel.
  18. The myHack USB installs the drive without problem but I was unable to proceed. Either wait at Touchpad configuration complete or wait for root device BIOS has been reset to default and turn on ACHI
  19. I see it is my fault not to update myHack to the latest. am still looking forward to see your guide.
  20. I should rephrase what I have I have a active machine E6200 that is running 10.9.2. I use this machine to go the apps store to download Mavericks. I use myHack 3.2 to create an installation USB stick. Use it to install Extra from Jake's two packages (Extra.zip or Extra-E7440.zip) I wonder which version is correct as either got stuck some where. Then I clone my E6220 system into a USB and use myHack to replace the Extra. I am able to boot into GUI (1920x1080) once but unable to login. The keyboard keeps running many characters even I just type one. However, I am unable to reproduce. I wish to know your BIOS settings as well. Any change in virtualization setting? I use legacy boot loader and boot from the USB. In the future once I got Mavericks installed, I will dual boot with Windows 8.1 Help is much appreciate. Thanks in advance
  21. 10.9.2 I am not sure the version i got from apps store. How to know the version ?
  22. My problem is that I have either CPU panic or stuck at Bootcache ... CPU panic happened when I use Jake's extra package for 10.9.2 Bootcache stuck when I use Jake's early file Extra-E7440. I am using myHack to create my installation stick 10.9.x from apple store yesterday. I think it might be version issues. Help is much appreciate in particular which files to create my USB stick Thanks
  23. What is your bios setting? I use ACHI and pretty the same as my E6220. Still unable to get pass [PCI configuration end, bridges 8, devices 12 ]
  24. @Jake, I wish to ask which installer method you use to install E7240/E7440? myHack or unifail? I got stuck at [PCI configuration end, bridges 8, devices 12 ]
  25. Jake's extra packages should work from the scratch. I take his and put into my myHack installer and finish the installation. HDMI works well though I have not tested ext VGA
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