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  1. It is a bit unusual for me. myHack should work and I have created my USB installer stick from an 10.9 image download directly from apple store.
  2. I just put in my /E/E into the myHack USB installer and boot. After that move the /E/E to the installed partition. I disable my E6220 onboard bluetooth and use the 802.11ac wifi bluetooth combo. Nothing special in the BIOS or other. Just like plug and play. Try to boot with -f -v -x to safe mode for installation and then first post installation boot.
  3. Mine is a fresh installation using the 10.9 app download from Apple Apps store. Create a USB installer using myHack, import the extra for booting/installation, lastly configure and add back the /Extra folder into the 10.9 hard disk partition. My Extra package only has additional 802.11 ac driver and bluetooth 4.0 kext. Should work very well. Now after a full installation of the softwarews, the boot process is very fast. .
  4. I have installed from a myHack installer with Extra from my working 10.8.5. I do not have MBR patch for the installer and hence install into an external USB HD formatted under GPT partition. Once I installed, I move back to my E6220 internal SSD as usual. Now dual boot 10.9 and Windows 7 Attached is my /E/E. Everything works - sound, hdmi and sleep Extra.zip
  5. Please check if your SATA is using AHCI mode or not the default RAID
  6. It is not the case. Please see my hardware and software. Some drivers are required
  7. Finger print reader is a broadcom 5880 device. It does show up in the USB device list
  8. You may ignore the fingerprint reader as I also can't find the driver for OSX in my E6220.
  9. You can download chameleon wizard to adjust the boot timeout and default boot partition
  10. Forgot, I do skip the EDP now to allow HDMI works for me.
  11. I have created a USB installer for E6220 for 10.8.5. It works well for me. Basically, it uses myHack to create the install and copy the Jake Lo extra packages to the install. The installed E6220 works excellently and I am waiting for the WWAN card to replace.
  12. Nothing. I reinstall my ML from the scratch and use your /Extra
  13. I am now pleased to confirm that HDMI works with my latest configuration. With your /Extra packages, I have made it works I use my LG TV as the HDMI output
  14. Your bootpack is excellent. It has good results in booting up and reboot process. However, I am still unable to make HDMI works. Detect display has no result.
  15. I just want to prove the concept. In my Latitude E6220, it has three mini-PCI-e slots (2 half, 1 full) and 5 antennae. I just add an extra antennae for 2 wifi and one WWAN to work.
  16. I mean to have using two wireless cards at the same time. It is in fact working. Both wifi got their own IP.
  17. Is there any way to enable HDMI? I try on the optional patch from the EDP but not able to enable HDMI output in my E6220
  18. I am playing with two wifi cards in OS/X. 802.11n (Broadcom 4331) and 802.11ac (Broadcom 4352) Any suggestion?
  19. I think the Dell 375 Bluetooth cannot co-exist with the broadcom BT. I disable the 375 in the BIOS. then the broadcom BT appears
  20. I would like to ask a question. My Bluetooth hardware does not appear in Windows or OSX. Wifi appears and works Does it need to take out my Dell 375 BT modules first.
  21. Your notebook is ok. No issue for the hardware. Just the booting process error. I suspect your myHack and ML App might have error. I have the same E6220 A08 BIOS, US backlight keyboard with pointing stick, 3G, wifi, bluetooth modules. All except 3G modules not ok.
  22. Something unusual in your machine. Just generic BIOS setting should work. Mine is only 4GB but other hardwares are about the same. No issue in installing ML.
  23. Successful update of the Mountain Lion to 10.8.1 was made. No complain so far. Only issues are to speed up rebooting and shut down.
  24. Very exciting development. Keep up the good work
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